10 Modern Trends for the Teen Room Decorating

The particular age at which the child crosses the threshold from childhood to youth and maturation, in such an anxious, sensitive and imaginative age, the design of the room will satisfy his needs of freedom of fantasy.

In blue, pink or yellow the room will meet the needs of your child for imagination, fantasy and reality and will prepare him for his future life. #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

In the Kingdom of Fiction

In the Kingdom of Fiction #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Dékor My Home

This modernist teen room will best respond to the emotional and mental state of your child.

Numerous lamps, colorful curtains through which penetrates yellow and pink light, the decorated ceiling and walls, the egg-shaped bed as if you are in a small space capsule, and the figures on the floor will take you to the world of fantasy where there is still room for planes and robots where gameplay and imagination go hand by hand.

Maybe, this is a room for soul-dreamers or future inventors.

The room and its decoration will stimulate the development and growth of your child and he will feel free and happy in it.

A Room in Light Blue and White

A Room in Light Blue and White #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Diki Daycare

Lighting and walls in a fantastic light blue.

Even white furniture and curtains with pastel colored spots have a blue tint.

Everything emits tranquility and confidence, security and fabulousness.

In any case, this is not Cinderella’s room, but a princess’s room.

A Room in Sunny Yellow and Orange

A Room in Sunny Yellow and Orange #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Fantastic View Point

The yellow color is preferred by boys teenagers.

The walls, the carpet on the floor, the curtains on the window, which allows the light to enter in the room – everything is in sunny yellow, which in some places overflows in orange and pastel beige.

This room is filled with optimism and cheerful feelings.

A Room in Pink

A Room in Pink #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Ideas 2 love

This room is decorated in pink especially for girls.

The walls, the curtains on the window, the small carpet in front of the bed, the night lamp, are in pink.

But still childhood reminds of himself through the drawings of bears, with hearts in the paws, on the headboards of the bed, the cabinets and the wardrobe.

The whole room emits a cloudless, pink mood.

One More Room for Girls

Room for Girls #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Fantastic View Point

Decorated in white and pink – girls’ favorite colors, this room emits a spring, cheerful mood.

An art-element on the wall above the bed also contributes for this – a tree with pink flowers that fly in the air, carried by the wind.

A contrast is created only the black frame of the armchair and the door. Just as contrasts in life go from childhood to restless teenage age.

When the Beds are Two or Three

When the Beds are Two or Three #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

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A room with two beds for boys and maybe for twins, in dark yellow and warm brown.

The soccer ball awaits the kids, and on the wall hangs the picture of their true friend – the dog.

A high ladder leads to a third bed.

Everything is strict and in order, without frivolity and jokes. It can be a room for future athletes.

Purple Room for Girls

Purple Room for Girls #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Top House Design

The dominating purple color of the curtains and the bed, along with the white of the cabinets and the walls and the brown on the floor make it preferred by the teenagers.

It makes you feel as if you were on a lonely island, isolated from the world around you, where you can indulge in adventures and experiments.

In this nice room just for yourself, your imagination can lead you through exciting moments.

Close to the Nature and its Inhabitants

A few steps lead to the bed, which is located in a niche.

Teen Bed with Stairs #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

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And each step carries a message which is meant just for you such as: “Life is special. Enjoy it”.

It is as if you are passing through the dreams, surrounded by deers.

Everything around you reminds you of the mysterious nature and its inhabitants.

A Pink Room for Grown Girls

A Pink Room for Grown Girls #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Postila

The dolls are replaced by a laptop.

The walls are in pink and blue, the favorite color of teenage girls.

The curtains on the window and the bed emits a pink light, even the lighting is in pink.

The room for grown teenagers welcomes their inhabitants with calm and optimistic mood.

A Room for Grown Boys

A Room for Grown Boys #teen rooms #decoration #homedecorimage

via Fantastic View Point

Furnitures in creamy tones and walls decorated in brown.

Besides the bed and the cabinets, here you can work or have fun on the computer on the desk, re-read your favorite book and take care for the flowers.

Everything emits warmth and coziness.

Your grown boy will find in this room inspiration for creativity and reflection on things of life.

He will ask questions and look for their answers.

He will prepare for his own way in the present and in the future.

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