11 astonishing bed designs

An advanced design of the night bed

hamburger bed

via: HGTV

Does this enormous hamburger look like a night bed to you?

And maybe you should give it a try, have the courage, and then express your opinion on how to sleep in it.

Advanced style going far beyond any trends.

Or moreover, going from the future, the future that we can only guess.

Perhaps the twenty-first century in its dawn starts surprising us with its ideas.

This is just a bold design project, that applies its free with innovative thinking on comfort and pragmatics, imagination and reality.

It’s up to you how long away are we from this innovative solution in the bedroom.

Two pet beds

two pet beds

via: Ellmoo Interiors

The designers have thought about your pets that more and more insistently take their place in our life.

Hanging on the wall, two beds don’t take up much space.

Your cat needs just to get used of sleeping there, in case it fears first.

But cats like climbing up, so there won’t be a problem using them.

As you can see in the picture they are comfortably accommodated and nothing disturbs their sleep.

A bed in a cylinder

a bed in a cylinder

via: Can You Actually

Double bed placed in this large cylinder, take us away in the future.

Apart from being furnished with everything you need – a mattress, pillows, blankets, it reminds the chariot with a roof, and it can swing too.

There you will feel as if caught up in a world of fairy tales, where everything is a fantasy, a dream, and where your dream will be free and peaceful.

Two level bed

two level bed

via: Imgur

This design with a bed ladder on two levels is not for your room but for the open air under the sky.

So you could feel relaxed and in fresh for the new day, no matter where you are.

Clean lines, geometric design, and strength – these are its main properties. But you should try to convince your own.

A nest bed

a nest bed

via: Architecture Art Designs

In this bed that looks like a nest, among lots of cushions and comforters, your child will feel like a carefree bird whose games and entertainment never end, and even continue at the night in his sleep.

Do you want your child to be cheerful and happy, to wake up untroubled, with warmth, ready for new adventures and fun – this design will help you to make friends with the birds and all animals.

A modern with antique combination

modern bed with antique combination

via: We Heart

Ideas for a bed from distant historical periods provide you a meeting with modern and contemporary designer’s vision.

The columns supporting the roof and the shape of the bed itself show attitude to sleeping and the art taste of the ancient people.

They built a bridge from the past to the future.

You’ll enjoy the tranquillity and confidence conveyed by this design idea.

And why not in our family home?

To feel really in your bed

modern bed in green

via: Ofdesign

A bed that doesn’t differ from any modern night bed, except from the case in the buttery and dark green where it’s placed.

A whim that brings colour in the room and breaks the traditional view of a bedroom.

Elegant design that what creates the sense of being in your own bed that you protects and watches over your sleep.

Just to feel safe

bed with wooden boards and base

via: bedroom19.netlify.app

This bed with wooden boards and base could mislead you on its purpose.

There is nothing unusual at first sight. But the metal bottom with opening doors on either side, even locks, talk about secret safe, which can hold a lot of bulky items.

Ingenuity, which borders with caution and security.

Have you ever been stricken by such an idea?

The designers have thought of everything.

Between the antique and the modern

enignum canopy bed

via: Home Harmonizing

A small cradle type bed with a canopy and modernistic elements for your child, next to an antique table and pictures.

Coexistence of the modern with the antique, as we live, filled with the past and looking at the future.

A bed or a cradle

hammock bed

via: My Move

Would you feel comfortable in this cradle bed?

Won’t you get motion sickness?

Two glasses of wine speak for your presence.

Designers make experiments with unconventional design and their success depends on extraordinary thinking and freedom of the individual to oppose the trivial and safe.

A bed for dreamers and travellers

a bed for dreamers

via: Bed King

Do you have the feeling that you are in a space ship with lots of built-in lights on the ceiling.

This bed will give you the sense of something extra-terrestrial.

In your thoughts you could travel to the stars and the outer space.

A bed for dreamers and travellers.

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