11 Non-Traditional Baths for Geeks

The non-traditional bathroomThe non-traditional bathroom

The bathroom is a traditional place for relaxation and refreshment, a place to relax from the daily stress and relaxation.

But whether this unusual bathroom can fulfill this purpose.

It can be called a bathroom for geeks on the subject of originality and unusualness.

The stone tiles on the walls contributes to this, reminding us of the Roman baths, the eaten wooden countertop beneath the sink, which looks more like corroded wood, and the unusual sink itself.

We involuntarily ask ourselves what philosophy and emotionality created this bathroom design, what mood and reflection about life and the surrounding world it implies.

Perhaps the meaning lies in man’s revolt against traditional and standard and their non-acceptance.

Or maybe it is an expression of manically that borders on imagination and fantasy that go beyond the bounds of reality. In any case, this bathroom is a provocation for your sensitivity.

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