12 Magical Plant Garden Ideas for Every Outdoor Space

The color corner

a corner in the garden with perennials

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Fill in a corner in your garden with perennials and create the perfect color spot. It is best to plant flowers that grow in height near the fence. Let them then grade into medium and small ones – the closer they come to the middle of the garden, the smaller.

Colors don’t really matter – the more, the merrier. Mixing the type of the flowers depends only on the type of soil they need and most of them need one and the same, so – no worries there either.

You need not have green thumb superpower – love, some sweat and just a little reading on-line will do the trick.

Follow the lines

a garden that runs along the perimeter of the house

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Make a garden that runs along the perimeter of your home.

Any type of flower bed will do. Here we offer you a mix of still life and, well – life. Pebbles look stylish and tidy, and neat.

When you add flower pots to the pebbles, you create a contrast that is pleasant to the eye and calming to the mind. Flower pots can be aligned in a straight line or in a zigzag – it is up to you. Surrounding your house with flowers will make it stand out.
So, do your magic and change the looks of your house, of your garden and your life!

Cover up

tropical garden design

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Soon we will be dreaming about shades to hide under so here is the idea – build your own shade and do it in the best way possible!

Use climbing plants! They will keep you safe from the sun, they are appealing to the eye and they often spread enchanting fragrances that will melt your heart.

You can enjoy the hot sunny days even more by creating a live green roof above your head. And if you use a vine, you can a 3-in-1 benefit – green, shade and fruit!

Dive in the archway and see what is on the other side – surely something good is awaiting you!

Roses are red. And yellow. And pink.

garden of roses

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Roses. Once you get the knack of them, you will always find space and occasion to plant more and more of the queen of the flowers.

A bench for one

shaded gardens

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Planting colorful flowers and then putting a bench to watch them grow is the best and free therapy you can find.

The spilling effect

garden with spilling effect

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Create an eye-satisfying spilling effect by planting flowers that seem to be coming out of an old pot or anything you find in your house.

Who spilled the milk?

white flowers with spilling effect

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Don’t cry over spilled milk – especially if it’s not milk but flowers. White flowers, lots of white flowers.

Walk through lavender

lavender path

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Plant lavender along both sides of the pathway – it’s not a plant that needs much skill and attention and the fragrance it spreads around is 100% worth it.

Concrete garden

concrete garden

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The concrete jungle we live can be an inspiration too. Especially if you are into cubic shapes. Arrange some concrete blocks, fill them with soil and grow your plants there.

The happy place

gardening ideas

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Create your happy place, encircle it with your favorite flowers, bushes and trees, and return there as often as you need to.

The exquisite tropics

landscaping ideas

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Create the unique tropic atmosphere by planting some tropical plants. This type of garden may require reading a bit – what grows best in your area, how much water the plants need, etc. At some point you’ll start gardening intuitively. Tropics bring moist and shade – just what you need in the hot, hot summer.

Water is life

orange plants

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Bring life to your garden – build a fountain. The bigger, the better. The soothing voice of the water brings peace and freshness. Surrounding it with live green plants and flowers is a must.

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