13 Incredible Artistic Wooden Table Designs

Unique and artistic

Unique and Artistic Wooden Table

Have you ever seen a more unique table of raw wood?

A thing in which human and nature fantasy interact.

And as they vie for artistry in this table design.

Astonishment, surprise and admiration – this is the first reaction.

Then, we ask how what this table is made of.

And all it leads to one thing – freedom of imagination and creative performance.

Abstract shape of the table, standing on a metal frame, and the question arises where human intervention ends and where fantasy begins.

Can we use this idea and make of our home a unique place for living and relaxation.

Unifying our life concept and knowledge with that of the age old tree as a philosophy of eternal renewal and wisdom.

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The life of the tree, continues even after being cut

A Fabulous Dining Table

And the dining room can be refreshed with a table with top is made of crosswise cut tree whose texture could be seen.

It is not painted and as if it is here to remind us of his long life and its long way to the skilful hands of the craftsman, it brings life to the atmosphere, lives its own life, being independent from surrounding furniture.

A table with an abstract shape of the tree among the modernist interior and chairs in green.

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With the imagination of nature

Artistic Wooden Table Design

For this table not only cross-cut plane is used but also the tree trunk on which the table is places, with its unique look and shape.

So knar looks like an eye, and the trunk processing takes us into the wild.

The table made of wood goes best not in the house but in the middle of the garden.

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Closer and closer to nature

Live Edge Reception Desk

Vertically cut panels are used for this bar top; they have sharper images of tree veins, which is smooth and polished.

The message is getting closer to nature, to its warm and natural materials, away from the cold artificial elements that matters for the atmosphere and the room comfort.

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Garden table and chairs

wooden garden table and chairs

Table and chairs on the duck legs look like being a part of a fairy tale.

What more appropriate design for the garden?

The tree which they are made of, naturally fits into the plants and stone shaped space.

You can say farewell to fashionable plastic garden furniture, which disturbs garden design, deprives us from the nature beauty and charm.

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Leaf shaped

creative table design

Polished to sheen, in the leaf shaped, with arranged cutlery, the table awaits its guests.

Non-traditional design solution, inspirited by the surrounding nature, breaks our classic notion of a table and brings a touch of originality and uniqueness.

Here you can feel convenient and comfortable.

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Right on the floor

an old tree giant

This is probably a cross section of an old tree-giant.

The tree shape, placed directly on the floor, might be irregular, with many curves, bends and rounded edges.

Here you can not only have some food or drink coffee but work with your laptop.

The idea will appeal to any artistic and open-minded personality.

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The table in the yard

diy wooden icebox table

This classic wooden table with bench has one specific feature –there are two rectangular openings in the middle with pans filled with ice, where the beverages are chilled.

The wood is machine processed and polished.

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Processed wood table

Wood Carved Patio Table

As if the timber for that table is taken directly from nature.

But human hand intervention is obvious in wood processing – and in the smooth and polished shapes and in fine processing of rounded elements, arranged so as to fit together like a jigsaw.

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Wine tasting table

wooden table design ideas dining room 1

An amazing idea – a long table in the wine cellar, made for tasting of the wine in the barrels put in a raw on the side, it bring an impression as if it is made of the tree stem.

Is that so?

This effect is achieved as the log is cut in a half and placed on a base in black background.

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Wood and glass combination

rustic coffee table ideas

This is a really modern notion.

This impromptu coffee table made of wood and glass, in a combination with the soft furniture can replace each other with its elegant naturel.

In addition, there is a pot with an orchid and wood-carved in dark brown pots.

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Two- level table

two level woodwn table
Incrível Fotos mesa de centro para sala Modelos De Centro De Sala

This wooden table with non-traditional design goes perfectly with the sofa with the living room furniture.

Made from warm reddish wood, with a drawer, it has two levels and is placed directly on the carpet, without any legs.

With clear geometric lines, there could be placed glasses for drinks and some books as well.

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An original design for the office space

mind blowing natural wooden table

This artistic design of wood is just one of numerous ideas for office space arrangement.

Raw, as if it is untouched by human hands, taken from nature and placed in the living space, it reminds us of the long way of each idea to get into reality.

The designers have embodied their life philosophy, by using this space design.

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