14 Fascinating Front Yard Layouts to Dream About

Impressive green areas surrounding the house – the entrance for your home

amazing front yard landscaping

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Would you like the road in front of your house to bring you there where you feel secure and relaxed?

This is the place that gives you life amidst the magnificent greenery, solitude, contemplation within oneself amidst the silence of your garden.

An interesting stone mosaic gets you to the very house, as if you are stepping onto pavement created for centuries and the steps would never get silenced but will be echoing in the times to come.

The pastel warm tones and earthy brown create cosiness and sensation of welcoming home.

The small spheres of decorative greenery coquettishly located on both sides of the mosaic speak for the presence of life that is there even if it cannot be seen – amidst the yard, in the house or simply in the garden atmosphere.

The roses in magnificent bloom along the façade create the impression of abundance and care.

Privacy is seeming, there is life everywhere, it inspires and creates a whole new unusual world full of imagination.

Stone decoration amidst the silence of time

stone decoration

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Stone and greenery, but no desert at all.

If you would like to travel in time, if you would like to submerge in ancient atmosphere – this is the place to be.

Columns of stone panelling, stone arches combined with stone decoration surrounding the plants in the garden.

The grass area is like a small oasis amidst the stones, at some places we could spot cacti and tropical plants.

Here transitory and eternal meet.

These are implications created by the garden and the house.

Here we sink in the spirit of exotics created by the small garden and the yard.

We travel in time but breathe and live in the present.

Stone mosaic

stone mosaic

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Stone mosaics is prevalent – not only inside the pavements but also within the wall panelling.

This creates the sensation of tidiness and cleanliness.

The small isles of colourful flowers and greenery neutralize the stone coldness.

The yellow and red violets imply that time has not stopped, it pulses while measuring life and lives via the present and the future.

The atmosphere resembles an ancient castle.

Here we can get transferred to another world where every stone and every flower tells a story.

Exotics and reality – a garden in tropical style

a garden in tropical style

via: Talk Decor

The garden is capable of bringing us to many different worlds.

Shaping it up is a real art, philosophy and history.

It not only supplements the exterior, not only complements the house, but has a life of its own.

It breathes and lives throughout time and space.

It is not just a place for relax and recreation complementing the house but also co-experience and personal renewal.

If your excursion to the tropics was not enough and you would like to fetch a piece of them in your home, you do not have to live near the equator.

The development of modern world provides us with enough opportunities to rear all species typical to the tropics even at our latitudes.

We could peacefully enjoy the coconut trees, bananas, as well as some of the most beautiful flowers, as long as we have taken the right species and got the right piece of advice on rearing.

The palm tree in the centre, the overhanging exotic trees on both sides of the pathway, the mosaic pattern – maybe they allude on associations of distant countries, the East, Sevilla, Arabian flavours, orange aroma, magnolia smell, hot nights and rhythms?

Fairy light show

fairy light show in the garden

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Lots of stone, minimalistic vegetation, but fairy show rich in lights in various colours.

At night your garden could help you travel in the magic world.

The imagination creates a peculiar world that makes us get free of the reality inherent to the busy everyday life.

We submerge in this world in order to enjoy new emotions.

Space is open and a small corner for relaxation and recreation amidst the stone and the light invites you for a soulful talk amidst the sweetish fragrance of Cuban cigars.

The small garden

small garden

via: Fantastic View Point

Massive tree and cut stone, lighting lanterns above the house entrance and greenery shape up the entrance hall.

Here the garden space is scarce and each centimetre had been utilized with carefully selected elements in order to create style and atmosphere of tranquillity and co-living with the spirit of the house.

The countryside yard made of stone

countryside yard

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Do you have the feeling you happened to be in a countryside yard with abundant greenery, house and farm buildings?

The only one missing is the human, with rolled up sleeves, in order to do his job.

Nevertheless the garden unveils the care and knowledge of a professional landscape designer with its perfect arrangement.

Everything lives and breathes through his work, thought and emotions.

Outside the city – river stone decoration

river stone decoration

via: Newland-scaping

Wooden house, decorative garden amidst nature and abundant greenery.

It seems the stones were taken from the nearby river and they make up an artificial flower-bed meandering by the pathway.

Low plants and tuff shrubs peek amidst them.

The high trees at the opposite side turn the place into a miraculous corner amidst nature.
The notion of home and nature merges.

Modern and beautiful combination of smooth stone and pebbles of the “gravel” type

smooth stone and pebbles

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Original pavement and yellow shrubs, large flower pots and greenery create the sensation that the tiles onto which the visitor would pass are just like isles in a lake.

The neutrality of the grey small stones is a good combination not only with greenery, but these could turn into good choice when combining them with another highlighting colour.

That pathway will bring you to the world of dreams, will fill you with energy for new endeavours and projects.

Everything is possible here, there are no obstacles and problems.

Exotic and modern – the garden of a modern villa

exotic and modern yard

via: Remodeling Expense

Two palm trees, just like soldiers in front of the entrance of a modern and luxurious house. In their foundation we could notice the focused light that imparts peculiarity and warmth.

Simple and stylish, for people that strive for high class and standard of living.

White pavement spotted by green water marks towards the house and private yacht is parked at the background.

What the modern world of nowadays could offer us is feel calm and confident.

But not everything because we need the light of a blue sky.

For artists and intellectuals

pastel mosaic hues in the garden

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If you would like to divulge into an artistic experience, the garden is the place that will help you get inspiration.

In order not to get distracted, do not overdo the bright colours but bet on greenery when constructing your garden.

The fresh air, the pastel mosaic hues and the exotic plants surrounded into a small area amidst the green meadow would enhance your thought and awaken your imagination.

The garden would take you to another dimension where your sensations touch new worlds.

Feast of colors and water – combination of the Ancient Rome

feast of colors and water in the garden

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Lots of colorfulness and greenery and among them – swimming-pool of massive marble cascade.

It seems you are in Haven of the Ancient Rome gardens.

Here water and flowers in red and pink meet a discrete pathway whose only objective is to make way through the garden, in order to make it to its beauty and inspiration, touch the universe.

Small park

a small park in the garden

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This is the way we could call the space with lots of greenery in front of the house.

The tree stems and branches cast their shadow onto the grass.

Peopleless but full of their live presence, they create the sensation of eternity and non-transitional.

The wooden pillars were utilized in original manner in order to outline the alley and the various decorative spaces.

The red carpet – the pathway to heart

red pebble pavement

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The house is surrounded by colourful shrubs.

The pathway traced by garden lamps and colours gets us to the house steps, to the very roots of our existence.

The red pebble pavement makes us feel as if stepping onto the red carpet.

But that is the red carpet to our home – the road travelled by each of us in the search for him/herself and the meaning of life.

Philosophy and life merge in order to create the picture full of wisdom and self-knowledge.

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