14 Fascinating Front Yard Layouts to Dream About

Exotics and reality – a garden in tropical styleExotics and reality – a garden in tropical style

The garden is capable of bringing us to many different worlds.

Shaping it up is a real art, philosophy and history.

It not only supplements the exterior, not only complements the house, but has a life of its own.

It breathes and lives throughout time and space.

It is not just a place for relax and recreation complementing the house but also co-experience and personal renewal.

If your excursion to the tropics was not enough and you would like to fetch a piece of them in your home, you do not have to live near the equator.

The development of modern world provides us with enough opportunities to rear all species typical to the tropics even at our latitudes.

We could peacefully enjoy the coconut trees, bananas, as well as some of the most beautiful flowers, as long as we have taken the right species and got the right piece of advice on rearing.

The palm tree in the centre, the overhanging exotic trees on both sides of the pathway, the mosaic pattern – maybe they allude on associations of distant countries, the East, Sevilla, Arabian flavours, orange aroma, magnolia smell, hot nights and rhythms?

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