14 Solutions for Shaping up the Living Room Interior

Breath-taking wall shape-up with gypsum plasterboardsBreath-taking wall shape-up with gypsum plasterboards

The space is full of light and pastel hues.

The atmosphere is relaxing, predisposing for tranquillity and inspiring for artwork.

You can meditate here.

Waves in peach colour, combined with vitrage elements performed in warm colours make up the wall.

It seems to be pulling back, thus enlarging the room dimensions, providing spaciousness for your thoughts and fantasy.

Here you have the most important items, without bundles and excessive accessories.

The white of the carpet and the living room furniture, and the black of the plasma provide the perfect contract and emotional impact.

Cups full of tea are placed onto the glass table that accompany communication.

The room has a life of its own, it breathes and lives with the philosophy of its creator who has invested lots of thought, artistic work and emotion.

Imagination and reality merge and complement, while additionally developing and building personality.

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