14 Solutions for Shaping up the Living Room Interior

Breath-taking wall shape-up with gypsum plasterboards

breath taking wall shape up

via: Talk Decor

The space is full of light and pastel hues.

The atmosphere is relaxing, predisposing for tranquillity and inspiring for artwork.

You can meditate here.

Waves in peach colour, combined with vitrage elements performed in warm colours make up the wall.

It seems to be pulling back, thus enlarging the room dimensions, providing spaciousness for your thoughts and fantasy.

Here you have the most important items, without bundles and excessive accessories.

The white of the carpet and the living room furniture, and the black of the plasma provide the perfect contract and emotional impact.

Cups full of tea are placed onto the glass table that accompany communication.

The room has a life of its own, it breathes and lives with the philosophy of its creator who has invested lots of thought, artistic work and emotion.

Imagination and reality merge and complement, while additionally developing and building personality.

Living room fantasy in white and cream in combination with stylish hanging ceiling

living room fantasy in white and cream

via: Talk Decor

The mild light oozes from the walls and the ceiling – chandeliers and bracket lamps create comforting, pleasant atmosphere.

The pastel hues of the floor and the ceiling make the interior more dynamic and warm.

The artist has invested his philosophy of human and existence via the styled spiral of life, expressed on the floor, and the light that is an essential aspect of the interior and fills in the space.

The original small table is impressive.

And the decorative aquarium inside the column highlights the only bright element within the composition.

Here you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Lilac highlights and white in the living room upholstered furniture

lilac highlights and white in the living room upholstered furniture

via: Fantastic View Point

A fantastic chandelier, highlights in lilac amidst the prevailing white – lilac curtain and armchairs. Streamlined and strict lines, without frivolity and decorations.

Exquisite ceramic decorates the policies located on the wall, once again in white and black.

Discreteness and fineness.

Here you can hold discussions, the environment stimulates the thought, makes it move, fills it with energy and imagination.

The black glass of the small table perfectly fits the interior.

The carpet texture balances the dark floor pavement and creates sensation of cosiness.

You should only be careful not to step on the tail of the Bolognese when making itself comfortable onto that exquisite carpet.

Out-of-the-box shapes of gypsum board in the interior

out of the box shapes of gypsum board in the interior

via: Gipsokarton Pro

The weird shape of the hanging ceiling that merges in the decorative wall with the TV, the armchairs and sofa in pastel hues create friendly atmosphere, promote dreaminess and predispose to communication, sharing, getting to know each other and discussions full of freedom of thought and soothing daily features.

The focused halogen lights contribute for higher soulfulness and close the room to the external world.

The interior combines practicality and convenience with real cosiness.

White with grass green highlights in the living room

white with grass green highlights in the living room

via: Trendehouse

Here everything oozes freshness and positive energy.

The flowers at the window shelf and the small table, the TV on the wall, the tender light performance smooth the interior out, fill it up with positivism, predispose for solitude.

The fragile glass table and the out-of-the-box wall shapes contribute for constructing the interior philosophy.

The grass green pillows impart bright and fresh highlight that immediately attracts the eyes.

Warm beige

warm beige color in living room

via: Talk Decor

The furniture, the walls, the floor, the curtains – everything is in warm beige, pale peach and white.

The light coming from various light sources – exquisite chandelier above the table, the inbuilt lighting fixtures in the hanging decorative ceiling, the hanging lamps near the wall and the LED floor lighting are abundant and sooth the sight and the thoughts.

The colours impart lightness and cosiness.

The floral ornaments on the upholstery and the wall panel behind the TV complemented by the orchids in flower-pots speak of hosts’ exquisiteness.

Here you can relax over a cup of steaming coffee or sparkling wine and have a soulful conversation.

Favourite colour – experience in lilac

lilac hue in the living room

via: Dekorasyonbilgisi

The pictures of abstract painting are in harmony with the prevailing lilac hue of the living room.

The curtains, the rounded shapes of the sofa and the shelves create atmosphere for contemplation, focus and warmth at the same time.

The leather sofa and the terracotta pavement are practical and convenient.

The hanging decorative ceiling is performed with originality and grace, and the exceptional lighting fixtures impart surreal sensation.

Tranquillity against the busy everyday life in the interior style

spacious living room

via: Talk Decor

Large, spacious living room that leads you to the dining room in warm brown and soothing green plants.

Shapes are geometrical, details – sharper, while creating the sensation of energy and outstanding individuality.

In that case individuality has combined the business-like air of the busy everyday life and the soft, soothing hues for short relax.

The dining room and the living room converge into common premise yet they preserve their privacy.

Modernity and convenience in the housing

modernity and convenience in the housing

via: Fantastic View Point

Design for eccentric personalities full of lightness, spaciousness and convenience.

The prevailing hues are the red-brownish amidst the soft light of the inbuilt lamps.

The styled images onto the ceiling are performed in oval shapes and create additional original light effect that fills in the premise.

The shelves are present with their fresh orange highlight.

Realistic pictures decorate the walls and attract your eyes.

Space for business personalities

space for business personalities

via: Fantastic View Point

The rounded shapes, the circles onto the ceiling and the wall combined with straight lines create the sensation of harmony and business-like approach.

The living room and the dining room are common space that opens up the interior and makes it more spacious.

The beige and the white and the minimalistic decoration in the atmosphere of business-like air and calmness, they provide incentives for work, fill in with energy and create home sensation.

Wall shape-up for male housing – wall composition

wall shape up for male housing

via: Engineering Basic

Exceptionally original solution for the wall for people with taste and style.

The streamlined geometric shapes in grey and metal that ooze bright directed light in the warm spectrum, make up a concept worth decorating each modern stylish male apartment.

Black retro phone is placed nearby for communicating and sharing amidst the modernistic vision of the surrounding world.

Trendy design full of sense and contents.

Modern and contemporary in lavender

modern and contemporary in lavender

via: Fantastic View Point

The lavender lilac of Aix-en-Provence, South France fills in the interior concept while imparting softness and cosiness in your home.

You could almost feel the fragrance of the endlessly stretching fragrant sunlit fields.

Even the fragile colourful glass of the small table is performed in the same hue.

The artistic walls carry lots of imagination and fantasy.

The shapes of the decorative elements made of gypsum plasterboard onto the hanging ceiling are immaculate.

The lines are streamlined and assist in in expanding the space while creating the sensation of spaciousness and harmony.

Confidence and freedom in the interior solutions for living room

confidence and freedom in the interior solutions for living room

via: Fantastic View Point

A fantastic interior solution for individualists performed with geometric shapes in creamy with dark and colourful highlights, imparting freedom and artwork.

The small accessories breathe life into the streamlined lines.

The lights capture the interior curves and enrich it.

The carpet is just like a real grass beneath your feet.

The small tables are worth every company.

Here you could feel confident and calm.

Concept for the living room – human and earth

knauf design living room

via: Fantastic View Point

Warm brown hues, smell of freshly made frappe, rounded shapes – the eternal connection of human with earth, with its reviving and renewing origin characterize the interior concept.

The solution for hanging ceiling is exceptionally original and ends up with a beautiful chandelier.

Decorative plants are discretely present.

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