14 Storage Ideas For More Space In The Bathroom That Everyone Should See!

Hidden shelf! Brilliant!

hidden shelf in the bathroom

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This slide-out storage is fantastic.

It’s an amazing suggestion if you want to hide something.

You can put in toilet paper or towels and so on.

The main idea of this life hack is to keep your bathroom items hidden if you do not want them to be visible.

Also, the shelves are movable which makes them easy and comfortable to use – everything is accessible.

This incredible idea shows us how to be cleaner and tidier.

With a unique shelf like this you will be able to hide the mess that’s happening in your bathroom right before the guests arrive and they will think that you have put so much effort in cleaning everything.

There is enough space for all your cleaning and shower products so your bathroom will always look tidy and clean.

A cabinet like this is perfect for small bathrooms because it won’t occupy too much space.

Wall Shelves in the Bathroom

wall shelves in the bathroom

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Look at these wall shelves – here is one both practical and stylish solution for storage if you are buried under piles of makeup and cosmetics!

Each bathroom needs work and clever storage solutions and open up more space, especially if it is a large household with more people in it.

Between toiletries to each family member the sort of skincare products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair care products, towels, brushes and stuff like that, everyone would like a place to fit everything.

With a little ingenuity, creativity, strategic positioning and the exact materials you could reorganize your bathroom and turn it from a little place of chaos, in a stylish and enjoyable daily refuge.

For this purpose, just follow our advices.

Hanging Baskets!

hanging baskets

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So Cute and nice looking!

If you don’t feel like getting out of the bathtub but you need a towel or sponge this invention is perfect because it won’t be hard for you to reach what you need.

It is easy to hang baskets on the wall above your bathtub.

But if you don’t want them to be on the wall you are free to use the sill of your window.

You can see that there is a shelf with paintings and other decorations.

So if you want your bathroom to look more stylish you can put art items or whatever you like.

The flowers always bring freshness to the room.

Use long shelves to save the mess!

hidden cabinet in the bathroom

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Genius! With a hidden cabinet like this it won’t be hard for you to concentrate on yourself in the mirror and not on the mess behind you.

Without your shower products in front of the window it will be easier to see yourself.

It is also a good way to protect your children from the chemicals.

So clever and sweet!

creative idea for small spaces

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This is a perfect decision where to put the toilet paper and other accessories for personal hygiene in a tiny bathroom.

Also, using the shelf you can add flowers for a fresher scent to your bathroom.

These Stick-On Pods are just fabulous!

stick on pods

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They allow you to put in them brushes and toothpaste, mascara and pencils for makeup, nail polish and other things with a similar shape.

Here is an illustration of how to fully use the space when you have only one cabinet!

Floating shelves for the basement bathroom!

How creative!

diy floating shelves

via: Thrifty Decor Chick

With these shelves your bathroom will always look tidier and beautiful.

Astonishing whim!

cabinets and drawers next to the shower cabin

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Here’s a design solution for extra storage!

Built-in cabinets and drawers next to the shower cabin could you open really serious space for storing towels and other toiletries for your bathroom.

That’s lovely!

side shelves of the mirror

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Side shelves of the mirror in which to store it and to have quick access to your makeup and toiletries while not stop to look in the mirror.

Fantastic idea!

storage shelf above door

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Here is an example of how to use some unusual spaces in your bathroom.

If there’s a lack of storage in your bathroom this is the perfect way to change that.


rope hanging shelf over the toilet can

via: Little Piece of Me

This rope hanging shelf over the toilet can solve many problems with lack of space, and it looks really lovely!

The shelf is the perfect place to add some decoration to your bathroom!


laundry basket

via: Natten

Built in laundry basket and practical wire shelves on the inside of the cabinet door.

Two solutions that will save you twice as much space.

Brilliant idea!

bathroom vanity shelf

via: The Interior Frugalista

Instead of standing empty the space under the sink can also be used in a great way, as seen in this photo.

And everything is clean, tidy and even beautiful!

Ingenious and simple!

organizing under the sink

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Get rid of the chaos and dirt under the sink!

Embed a metal rod along the cabinet and start to hang on it cleaning products using for that purpose their spray triggers.


storage with mason jars

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The idea to use these beautiful jars as something between shelves and drawers is so creative.

In this way, your world becomes a touch more colorful and interesting.

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