14 Storage Solutions for Master Bedroom

Ideas for keeping necessary things in the bedroom

open wall cabinets on two sides of the bed

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Open wall cabinets on two sides of the bed could keep lots of your belongings.

Smart and comfortable at the same time, they form a small arc under it, where pictures and wall lampshades could be placed.

There are other cabinets under the bed and its whole length that could keep large things – blankets, cushions, and other things that are necessary for the bedroom.

Decorative cushions give a final touch to the room.

You’ll be astonished by designers’ inventiveness and their creative ideas.

Open wardrobe

open wardrobe

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It is a must for each dwelling, it could gather up all your jackets, shirts, sweaters, pants and, of course, shoes.

At the top the boxes with hats and the accessories are placed.

There are two lines of hangers and on the left, there are the open shelves for your trousers and sweaters.

There is a specially designed space for your shoes.

The space is full from the ceiling to the floor.

About the corners of the room

about the corners of the room

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Shelves, placed in different corners of the living room are new interior solution that ensures maximum use of space and creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere at the same time.

Here you could put some photos, souvenirs, books, favourite belongings.

Small wicker basket

small wicker basket

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You could place in this basket lots of different colour paper bags that you create, your scissors and the tape, here they won’t get damaged or crease and that you could put the corner of the room.

All-purpose cabinet

all purpose cabinet

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The designers have provided cabinets of different sizes and dimensions.

How would you fit the long paper and plastic rolls which you could transform into different things and that take up a lot of space in your home.

A drawer with dividers

a drawer with dividers

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This drawer is divided into three parts and could hold your towels and cotton clothes.

Why not even other belongings that your home and you need to use.

Jewellery box

jewellery box

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Your jewels somehow tangle and shuffle in the box you use.

The solution is a small removable hanger for the bracelets and the necklaces.

So they won’t be damaged.

An improvised hanger

an improvised hanger

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It is easy to made and at the same time such a good solution for your scarfs and belts.

It could be made of different fabric; it just should be strong enough.

They are placed at the end of the hanger for blouses, these belongings don’t take much place and don’t need a special care.

Hanger for ties

hanger for ties

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It is made of wood and it is placed in the end of the open shelves, the tie hanger is convenient and practical.

Here you could put your ties for different occasions without worrying that they could be damaged or creased.

Wall jewellery hanger

wall jewellery hanger

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Over the open shoe rack with several shelves, there are stationary hangers for bracelets and necklaces.

If you prefer you can use a special box for your jewellery.

A special open leather shelves are placed for your envelope type bags.

Everything is done to ease you and provide you confidence.

For your self-esteem

wardrobe storage

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Clothes won’t be just in order; they’ll be safe of all types of damages and deformations so feeling comfortable in them and provide you comfort and self-esteem.

Open cabinets

open cabinets

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If you dream for such a wardrobe, where easy and fast you could find your clothes for the day and different occasions, you find out the advantages of the open racks, where the clothes are placed in a raw without being creased and mixed.

In the bathroom

bathtub surround storage ideas

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Here, everyone feels liberated by the conventions of life, in private, and somehow naturally.

All this is contributed by the tidy bathroom that at first glance there is nothing to do with the your felling of freedom and calmness.

But if you would feel in such a way in other circumstances?

For meeting day challenges

sink storage

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The towers are put in order on special metal hangers.

And next to the sinks, there is a wooden tray that holds all the necessary accessories for face beautifying and cleaning the ears, hands that help us to acquire a business or festive look, getting ready to meet the challenges of the day.

Another little convenience

organization under the sink

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In the free space under the sink there are tiny metallic net baskets for the necessary items for the bathroom – liquid soap, bath crystals, cleansing milk, toilet paper and other necessities which you usually do not know where to put.

Put in one place, they offer convenience and comfort, and last but not least a maximum use of available space.

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