14 Ways to Bring Your Old Crates to Life

Spice up your bathroom

colored crates in the bathroom

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If you need to make some space in your bathroom, then you may use this idea.

Even better if it is dark and needs an optimistic touch. This is a fine way to store your towels in the bathroom – paint the crates in your favorite colors to make them even cooler!

Arrange the crates in your unique way and understanding so you can use them to their full capacity.

Another advantage of the crates is that they are made of real wood which gives a sense of rustic, back-to-the nature authenticity which we crave so much nowadays.

Keep this in mind – you are keeping part of Mother Nature and fight the plastic invasion in your everyday life! And this way your bathroom will look tidier and fresher. The happy colors will always cheer you up!

Wooden shelves

wooden shelves

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Sometimes we are all fascinated by the pretty, readymade pieces of furniture that our friends buy.

Sometimes we are bored with them. Sometimes we want our house to be like no other. It is then when we realize that not everything nice is made by IKEA.

It is then when we start looking for options to create, not consume. This colorful suggestion is just for the times when we want to be the creators of our environment.

Choose a spot for your creation. Pick the colors your soul wants to paint with. Play your favorite music and design your own piece of art that some may call with the plain word “furniture”.

These shelves are the expression of your inner desire to be different.

Embrace yourself!

Fancy coffee table

fancy coffee table made by crates

via Pallets Ideas

We all know about coffee tables – their surface is made of glass, or something smooth because we want it to be easy-to-clean and as good as everybody else’s.

Or maybe not. Maybe we want something different. Maybe we want design, function, authenticity, fun, escape from the ordinary.

In this case you should build your a functional coffee table with your own two hands. And when we say that, we don’t mean tedious work that take ages.

We mean coffee table that is assembled in an afternoon, using old wooden crates.

It’s light and you can use the centerpiece for whatever you want!

Cool and useful end table

useful end table made by crates

via Useful DIY Projects

Build a vintage end table out of a crate to give your house the air of authenticity.

This is a great idea if you are a fan of the rustic style. It is easy to transform the crate into a cute little side table.

Put it next to your favorite armchair and decorate it however you like.

Add some flowers on it and enjoy the vintage atmosphere!

A crate bed

a crate bed

via Home Esthetics

This multifunctional idea will save you space and money. If you like making DIYs and building your own furniture then you will love this idea! It is a gorgeous queen bed made from pallets. The most incredible thing about it are the crates used for drawers. And as you can see on the picture this bed gives the room a vintage style.

And, it’s matchless.

A side table on wheels

a side table on wheels

via Decoration Ideas

Mount some wheels on the side of the crate and make it go anywhere you want!

And if you don’t like where it stands you can always move to another place.

Thanks to this invention you can bring you favorite books with you.

Add some light

shelves made from crates

via Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

This wooden wall unit looks perfect when some light is added. An incredible piece of furniture suitable for any room. It adds rustic style and warmth.

Tidy up your workspace

desk made from crates

via Home BNC

Wooden crates are a great storage solution.

Use them to create law and order in your workspace.

A unique desk like this is easy to build and comfortable for work.

Storage shelves

diy crate shelves with a rustic feel

via Fabart DIY

Now you can store your stuff on DIY crate shelves with a rustic feel. Such a wonderful way to decorate your entryway! Put together a few crates and create the perfect place to put your shoes. Decorate it with everything you like and invite your friends to see it!

Storage box

storage box

via Useful DIY Projects

This simple storage box makes the room look tidy and cozy at the same time.

This one is perfect if you like to read before sleep but you have nowhere to put your book.

Use an old crate and make yourself a box for your books and magazines.

DIY crate bookcase

wood crate bookshelf 1

via Amylatta Creations

A light and cheap solution for your living space. Make it work by arranging a few of your favorite things. It will never stay unnoticed.

A flower pot

crate used as a planter

via Useful DIY Projects

Your flowers deserve this flower pot!

Wood is a natural material, so it blends perfectly with flowers.

You can try with different sizes and arrange the flowers however you like.

A shoe rack

a shoe rack

via Beauty and Bedlam

Organize your shoes by building them this easy DIY rack. It costs you little money and even less trouble. A perfect way to prevent your house from getting dirty because of your shoes.

Give your living room a soul

budget friendly diy coffee tables

via Home Talk

A “designer” idea that looks super chic.

And it takes an afternoon to assemble.

If you need a coffee table in your living room you can get it by putting together four crates.

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