15 Clever ideas for kitchen cabinetry

Frying pan cabinetry

pot hanger kitchen slider

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These cabinets save space and are very comfortable.

We just use them without even thinking how much kitchen utensils can hold.

This is a cabinet for frying pans and their lids.

The door opens, the slider pulls and metal pans with different sizes and dimensions are hanged on metal hooks.

You’d be surprised that this not very complicated gadget provide easy use and creates a sense of order and convenience.

And how little is needed – an idea, some imagination and a flair for functionality.

Only who knows the problems of the kitchen and lots of utensils in it can appreciate this idea and the options it offers.

Cleaning sponges

kitchen sink swing out panels

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Lots of sponges and other kitchen items that we use when washing the dirty dishes are placed in special baskets on the drop-down door of long and narrow cabinetry, directly under the sink.

In most cases you can’t find them a proper place and just put them on the sink that is not so nice really.

Showing some flair and practical sense, we could use each niche and free space for them.

Baking dish cabinetry

flat stackers

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Designated for baking dishes – oval and rectangular, there is a special cabinetry with lots of shelves.

As if their dimensions exactly correspond to the size of the cutlery and are made just for them.

Angular spaces

kitchen cabiner corner

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The corners of the cabinets can be successfully used on solving the problems with angular spaces.

Horizontally placed rotating shelfs that hold bulky items like pots, for example.

And all this is hidden behind a diagonally set door.

Cabinetry with a sliding door

microwave shelf

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In a special cabinet with a mechanism for raising and lowering of the door the microwave is placed.

The door has a handle and it is lifted high above the stove when being used and it can be lowered down when necessary, so as not to disturb and spoil the kitchen interior.

Angular open shelves

angular open shelves

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On the shelves in the corner cupboard above the sink, a jar of fruit is put which brings more aesthetic in the arrangement, and the coffee cups are hung on the special metal stand, which are located under the saucers.

It also could be used for decoration and flowers, even for a motivational phrase such as:

“You’re the bacon of my eggs.”

Smart cabinetry

hidden spice rack

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Once again, a sliding cabinet that is set on a marble top near the stove that forms a false column.

Lots of shelves with jars of various spices are arranged in the depth of the cabinet and does not occupy much space.

Functionality and comfort

basket insets

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Under the sink- lots of baskets, and on the wall, above the sink – shelves with individual plate dividers for cups and bowls.

Functional and comfortable to use, as well as tidy and space savings.

In little space

pull up doors

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Near the window on the shelves with sliding door that won’t disturb window use, there are some electrical appliances such as a juicer, blender, mixer, toaster, and the coffee maker.

For this purpose, the outlets are installed over the top board for convenient and easy use.

And next to shelves in glass door cupboards, there is a narrow wall tall cabinet for plates and other kitchen utensils.

This small space holds a number of different pots and appliances with different size.

Another kitchen cabinetry

tilt out trash cabinet

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The two dustbins are placed in a cupboard of wood and could be used for the selective collection of garbage and form an indispensable necessity for every household.

Different purpose cabinetry


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And for the trays there is a cabinet with dividers put low down between the stove and lots of cabinets.

It is designed in a manner that plans little space to be taken; it pulls and back and forth as the width of the cabinets is used.

Bottles place


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There is a special place provided for the bottles. In a wall height vertical cabinetry there bottles with special dividers that are shaped as nests.

It is not necessary the kitchen to be over occupied with them especially when there is a celebration occasion in home environment.

Elegance and comfort

sliding cabinet doors

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Wall cabinetry could be designed with sliding doors, decorative elegant doors, provide beautifully shaped space and be functional at the same time.

Something that is necessary for a modern and contemporary kitchen.

Cabinetry for products

ventilated produce bins

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There is a place not only for kitchen cutlery, but also for products which do not require refrigerated storage.

Special metal cabinetry with partitions could hold the vegetables needed for food preparation.

The double wall cupboard


swing out shelves

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Another convenience is the double wall cupboard with shelves for jars and boxes, which is closed with a door that covers its content.

It is comfortable for use, saves a lot of space but it could hold the necessary food.

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