15 Enchanting Nooks, Perfect for Your Flower Garden, Made of Pallets

FlowerGardenNooksromFlowerGardenNooksofPalletsPallets-1A garden on the wall

If you have and love small flowerpots but don’t have where to store them, here is a cheap, good-looking and easy-to-make idea: dust off an old pallet, paint it whatever color you love this season and arrange your flower pots on it.

And why stop at pots?

You can arrange whatever you want on it – your favorite vases, figurines, postcards, toys, set of pencils – the list may go on.

The important thing is that it saves space, as it is a vertical stand. It can hide an empty corner (which is great, especially if you are into feng shui), or it can hide may other things you are not happy about – a crack in the wall, a yellow stain, the dark roots of your hair

Just kidding about the last one but a vertical stand for your flower pots will definitely make you feel happier.

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