15 Enchanting Nooks, Perfect for Your Flower Garden, Made of Pallets

A garden on the wall

vertical planter made from pallets

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If you have and love small flowerpots but don’t have where to store them, here is a cheap, good-looking and easy-to-make idea: dust off an old pallet, paint it whatever color you love this season and arrange your flower pots on it.

And why stop at pots?

You can arrange whatever you want on it – your favorite vases, figurines, postcards, toys, set of pencils – the list may go on.

The important thing is that it saves space, as it is a vertical stand. It can hide an empty corner (which is great, especially if you are into feng shui), or it can hide may other things you are not happy about – a crack in the wall, a yellow stain, the dark roots of your hair

Just kidding about the last one but a vertical stand for your flower pots will definitely make you feel happier.

The flower bed

flower bed

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Your plants want to feel comfy too, so treat them to a nice bed, made of old pallets. This is the perfect (and also a good budget) solution for your corner in the garden where to grow your own food.

If you place a special type of textile, called geotextile underneath, you will reduce to a minimum the amount of weeds and pests so that your food will grow to be your food and nobody else’s.

It is natural, it is easy to maintain and replace when you have to and you can personalize it with a decoration of your own – be it a lively color or pattern.

Anti gravity pallet garden

anti gravity pallet garden

via: Don’t Poke the Bear

Gardens are made to be horizontal, right? Well, not any more.

We offer you a solution to cover up your walls and turn them into a green waterfall, or rather – a flower-fall. It saves spaces, makes the place look neat and tidy and is also very creative.

Just mount pieces of old pallets to you garden or balcony walls, fill them with soil, plant your favorite flowers or herbs and watch them grow. They seem even prettier when you look at them without having to bend over.

Also, this makes them easier to maintain.

You will keep coming back to your “secret garden” on the wall!

Just cover the back of the pallet with geotextile, fill it with soil and raise it. Then you can plant.

Stand-up pallet garden

stand up pallet garden

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Bring the spring to your home! Just cover the back of the pallet with geotextile, fill it with soil and raise it. Paint the pallets in spring colors and place them in front of the boring wall to bring it an extraordinary look. Your neighbors will love it! 🙂

Painting is an option, planting adorable flowers is a must!

Trellis garden

trellis garden

via: Morning Chores

Change the design and you change everything!

Do a trellis instead of an ordinary pallet and you’ll get a totally different look! Plant creeping plants into the trellis and decorate your porch with it.

Back-to-back pallets

back to back pallets

via: Morning Chores

You can build a vertical garden when you don’t have enough space on the ground. Place it wherever you like. For example, in the middle of the garden or any boring corner to give it a fresher look. You can grow vegetables, herbs or different kinds of flowers like Petunia hybrida, Begoniaceae or Rosa.

Arrange 4 pallets to form a rectangle and put a fifth pallet to complete its look.

Grow with love.

Pallet herb garden

pallet herb garden

via: Morning Chores

A cheap idea to do a herb garden – use a pallet and your imagination. It is easy to grow herbs and pick them whenever you are cooking a delicious meal. You can paint the pallet in a light and fresh or dark color.

And the best thing is – it fits everywhere!

Minimalistic pallet garden

minimalistic pallet garden

via: Morning Chores

If you live in a small flat, this is perfect for you!

This minimalistic pallet garden takes little space and looks good wherever you place it.

You can grow herbs and flowers in home conditions. You can also put it on your balcony. In this way it will always smell like spring in your home.

Pallet garden inside

pallet garden inside

via: Morning Chores

Bring your indoor space to life!

Pallets are suitable for greenhouses and big spaces in your house you don’t know how to fill.

You can make a stunning pallet garden in you home and your guests will be amazed!

Pot hangers

pot hangers

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Pallets are ideal for hangers.

Mount them on the walls and hang some flower pots from them. Plant and arrange your favorite flowers. You can also paint the pallets and pots in your taste.

Create your space

create your space made from pallets

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Arrange pallets in such a way that they become the ground beneath your feet. Paint it red. Or blue. Or green. Get a chair. Get a beer.

Mission – completed.

Lay them down on a bed of flowers

flower bed on wheels made from pallets

via: Morning Chores

This flower bed on wheels is all you can ask for in your big garden.

Easy to move, easy to tend.

Add some color

colored pallet gardens

via: Morning Chores

Paint your pallets in different colors, fit them on the walls, grow flowers from them, be happy.

Portable hangers

portable hangers

via: Morning Chores

These are the portable hangers for your flower pots that you will love.

It’s a plus that you can move them anywhere.

A-team garden

a team garden

via: Lowe’s

Get two pallets to form the shape of an A.

You can plant sun-loving flowers on the sunny side of the pallets and flowers that don’t need much sun underneath.

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