15 ways to store things at home

Special door of the cupboard

Pantry Organizer Shelving Unit

via: Lets DIY it All

On the special door of the cupboard are placed some necessary kitchen items – paper plates, plastic cups, forks, knives, spoons and straws in a glass jars, even some spices.

It’s convenient and functional for items we cannot easily find place.

How our small dwelling could hold all our necessary belongings?

Here are a few ideas for cabinets, boxes, shelves, etc., which help us so our home to be neat and convenient.

We just need some creativity and imagination to make of your home a place to live, breathe life in it and atmosphere.

The photos below will convince you that this is not only possible but pleasurable as well.

Retro furniture

shoe box

via: Lets DIY it All

How to use old furniture in our modern home?

Do they have their place among modern furniture?

Here’s an idea for a chair with backrest, old lattice in green and two cushions placed on it that you could use.

It brings not only the feeling of retro but also the atmosphere of connection between the generations.

There is a shoe box put under the chair.

Box, comfortable to recharge

charging station

via: Lets DIY it All

In a special box with different partitions you could put for recharging your cell phone and laptop near the electrical outlets.

Easily portable and convenient, multifunctional, it saves space and time.

Marker Jar

marker jar

via: Lil’ Luna

What place is more suitable than the glass jar with a metal tape for markers, colour pens, which we sometimes need to use?

And you will always find a space where to put it – on the wall or on the table.

For organizing your home

Bathroom Cupboard Organization

via: Spaceships and Laser Beams

The cleaning towels, bath brushes, and sponges are put in plastic boxes and detergents for cleaning the house are in another box.

Do you want your bathroom always shine of cleanliness?

These boxes will only help you in organizing your home.

So everything be comfortable and functional

so everything be comfortable and functional

via: Hazelwood Homes

There is some room for your belongings even in the corridor.

Designers offer hangers for jackets and hats, drawers with tops for shopping bags, even for the ball of the child, baskets and boxes under the drawers, a place for the shoes.

And it only takes up one wall of the corridor.

A bookcase with a steel frame

a bookcase with a steel frame

via: Apartment Therapy

It is made of metal and wood.

You can place books on it, various accessories, flowers in pots and vases, favourite items.

Lightweight, multifunctional, it doesn’t take up much space; it doesn’t close space in the living room and creates an atmosphere of creativity and comfort.

Chaos or order

junk drawer organization

via: Two Twenty One

This drawer could be arranged, if you put dividers between the different items.

Chaos can be overcome with the order so you could easily and quickly find the necessary items.

It depends on you what you would choose.

With a little effort

with a little effort

via: A pin a Day

The toilet paper could be stored vertically so not taking up so much space. With so little effort the space of your home could be really optimized.

You just need some plastic dividers.

With cleaning buckets of our own

crap buckets for your kids

via: Remarkable Home

For each family member there is a personalized bucket that would help us take part in keeping home clean.

Having the name of its owner on it and being in a different colour, helps you to build housework habits to all family members and be proud of their contribution to the family.

Feeling confident and relaxed in a neat and tidy home

hall linen closet organization ideas

via: Simplicity in the South

Cabinet for blankets, sheets, tablecloths, next to the ironing board, hanging on the door of the cabinet.

Maximum use of the angular space.

The conveniences save a lot of effort and create a fresh and optimistic mood too.

They give us more time for more pleasant activities.

Everything is tidy for a convenient use

a well organized utility closet

via: I Heart Organizing

In a few drawers and baskets you can hold lots of items, necessary for the repair and cleaning of your dwelling.

The wallboard is especially comfy for keeping flashlights, scissors, tape, wire and where you place on hooks various items.

You don’t need to turn everything upside down to find the appropriate tool or device.

Organizer home

command center

via: One Creative House Wife

If you work from home and have a study, the wall against your desk may serve as organizer – with a magnetic calendar, lattice stands for notes about your budget, your mail.

You could write down with a marker on the whiteboard, you could also record upcoming tasks.

For organizing the teacher’s work

back to school station

via: The 36th Avenue

This organizer is designed to organize the teacher’s and tutor’s work.

Apart from the magnetic board on which task notes for the students could be pinned, there’s a calculator, a ruler, scissors, notepads pinned to the board. In the lower part you could find the individual board with the timetable of each student.

Food pantry

the great pantry makeover

via: Decor Chick

This pantry could hold all canned goods and foods that have a long expiry date and don’t require storage in the refrigerator.

The angle is used in a especially witty manner by placing a rotating circular shelf, which greatly increases its volume.

It is surprising how many foods could be stored on these discs.

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