16 Brilliant Low-Cost Ideas to Store Shoes

Put your shoes in the air

entryway shoe organizer

Tutorial Thedecosoul

Your flats will feel comfortable in this space-saving rack, embedded in the wall.

Paint it the colors you love, mount it wherever you need it – it may even fit in the wardrobe!

The length of this rack may vary and so can the numbers – just fit the idea to your needs.

If you are a great lover of flats, this will help you cope with your “addiction”, or at least help you make it look good and tidy.

Be the master of your own space, use it in the best and most effective way possible and be confident that whatever, wherever you decide to wear, it will be right in front of your eyes and easy to access.

This incredible idea adds personality to the space.

You can use it however you like.

High solution for your high heels

storage for high heels

via Shelterness

High heels? They often take space and are difficult to store.

So, instead of stashing your precious acquisitions in boxes or crumple them in a bad-fitting racks, you can get light-headed and be as creative as ever.

Again, you can use your walls – it saves space, it saves your shoes from crumbling, it ultimately turns your walls into a gallery, your high heels being the exhibition everybody wants to see.

How to do it? Just hang your shoes from the wall on some rustic-looking piece of crown molding.

You can do it in color to add some style – like real pieces of art!

It is easier to grab them from the wall than search them in the closet or the shoes cabinet.

And in this way your walls won’t look plain anymore!

The shoe wheel

shoe wheel

via Rakku Designs

The wheels of the shoes go round and round, round and round…

Are you looking for a solution that is fun, easily accessible and will keep your shoes in shape?

A shoe wheel is just your thing then.

It saves space without hiding the shoes you love!

You can organize them by color, by design or by the way your soul desires.

Of course, this shoe wheel rack will make it easier for you to access the pair you need right now, too. Your head will spin with our proposal – just like your shoes!

Be bold – this is what makes the world go round.


shoe in a hole

via Huff Post

An easy DIY idea to store your trainers – buy some drain pipes and cut them in even pieces.

You can either glue them to one another or use a belt or elastic band to hold them together.

In this way it will be easy for every member of the family to find their shoes, especially the kids.

Also it won’t be necessary for you to put your shoes in order constantly.

You will have more time for yourself and your family.

The shoe honeycomb

shoe honeycomb

via Homedit

Another super cool idea with pipes.

Your wall will look like honeycomb!

It’s not only convenient but it also looks stunning!

You can use any type of PVC pipes and paint them in color that is suitable for your furniture.

There is a big variety of sizes you can choose from to build your perfect shoe honeycomb.

The levitating shoes

the levitating shoes

via Apartment Therapy

The writing’s on the wall! Just like your shoes.

Hang your heels on kitchen rods and your sandals on coat hooks to save space.

Finally you have enough space for all your favorite pairs of shoes!

Mount kitchen rods at the high top or the bottom of the wall and hang your shoes on them.

Think inside the box

shoe storage organization

via By Stephanie Lynn

A pretty neat high shelf idea for people who like law and order.

Buy identical boxes for your shoes and label them with printed pictures of the “contents”.

Everything looks so tidy and stylish!

Colorful holders

wall shoe storage

via Amazon

Add some color with these sticky wall-mounted plastic holders.
You can use them to store your slippers too! It will be joyful for your kids to organize their shoes by colors – like a game.

Shoe carrousel

shoe carrousel

via Guiding Home

This carrousel is ideal to fit in a cabinet, but you can leave it on display too.

It makes your shoes look like candy!

Just spin and your favorite pair will come to you!

This is an idea that you can recreate however you like.

Paint it in whichever color is suitable for you.

The space under the staircase

shoe rack under stairs

via Home BNC

Got stairs?

Got space!

Build some shoe drawers and enjoy your decluttered vestibule.

No one will guess that you have hidden shoe drawers under your stairs.

When you put your shoes in there drawers, your entryway will always stay clean and tidy.

Hidden drawers

hidden drawers

via Homedit

Another practical use of stairs – build some drawers under the stairs, save some space.

No excuse for the shoe explosion now!

A very practical way to store your shoes.

Keep them organized by color in each drawer so you can easily find the pair you need!

Muddy boots solution

muddy boots solution

via Ikea Hackers

Even if you are not into pole dancing, your muddy shoes and willies will love the poles of this boot holder rack!

You can easily move this shoes holder outside so the shoes will dry faster.

Use metal or plastic sticks and mount them to a wooden grid.

Keep your shoes wired

washroom mesh shoe holder

via Home BNC

Make your shoes feel safe while on display in some matching wire storage baskets.

They are easy-to-draw too.

Reuse old crates

reuse old crates for shoes storage

via The Best Wood Furniture

Brighten your hall – paint some old crates and nail them to the walls.

Organize your shoes, boots and other accessories.

Canned flip flops

canned flip flops

via Grillo-Designs

Introduce your flip flops to their new home – old paint cans, screwed to the wall.

It is attractive and easy to make storage solution.

Bonus – in the winter you can use the same cans to store gloves and scarves!

Minimalistic rack

minimalistic rack for shoes

via Let’s Stay

Love is in the air. And so are your shoes – check out this shoe rack.

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