16 Brilliant Low Cost Ideas to Store Shoes

High solution for your high heelsHigh solution for your high heels

High heels? They often take space and are difficult to store.

So, instead of stashing your precious acquisitions in boxes or crumple them in a bad-fitting racks, you can get light-headed and be as creative as ever.

Again, you can use your walls – it saves space, it saves your shoes from crumbling, it ultimately turns your walls into a gallery, your high heels being the exhibition everybody wants to see.

How to do it? Just hang your shoes from the wall on some rustic-looking piece of crown molding.

You can do it in color to add some style – like real pieces of art!

It is easier to grab them from the wall than search them in the closet or the shoes cabinet.

And in this way your walls won’t look plain anymore!

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