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The garden and the yard in front of your house-F

14 Fascinating Front Yard Layouts to Dream About

Impressive green areas surrounding the house – the entrance for your home Would you like the road in front of your house to bring you there where you feel secure and relaxed? This is the place that gives you life amidst the magnificent greenery, solitude, contemplation within oneself amidst the silence of your garden. An […]

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15 Enchanting Nooks, Perfect for Your Flower Garden, Made of Pallets

A garden on the wall If you have and love small flowerpots but don’t have where to store them, here is a cheap, good-looking and easy-to-make idea: dust off an old pallet, paint it whatever color you love this season and arrange your flower pots on it. And why stop at pots? You can arrange […]

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12 Magical Plant Garden Ideas for Every Outdoor Space

The color corner Fill in a corner in your garden with perennials and create the perfect color spot. It is best to plant flowers that grow in height near the fence. Let them then grade into medium and small ones – the closer they come to the middle of the garden, the smaller. Colors don’t […]

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Spring Garden-3-3

18 Spring Ideas To Make Your Garden Blossom

Welcome home! Sometimes you don’t feel like going home – maybe go to a friend’s house for a glass of wine (and hopefully a sleepover) as long as you don’t get to go home to your never changing home, where routine had set foot and forgot to leave. Let us give you a reason to […]

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Ghoulishly carved pumpkins

14 Ways To Make The Scariest Front Yard

Impressive! Bats are a must have when it comes to Halloween. You can hang the handmade cardboard bats and place a couple of pumpkins and some broomsticks adjacent to the door. Your front porch will look like the door of an old mansion. Instructions: Here!

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