14 Fabulous Corner Wall Shelves for Bedroom

Even in a small dwelling, everybody needs own place for work or favorite pastime.
Somewhere to be by yourself, design your dreams and create.
Solitude is seemingly. It is hard work in this small corner.
The corner of the room provides enough space if it is used rationally.

A Place for Work or a Favorite Pastime

Two Wing Table Desks #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Homedit

There are two wing table desks on the wall above, where are the open cabinets for boxes, folders and all necessary items for your work.

And on the desk, among the many objects, there is a small vase with yellow flowers and a watch so you don’t lose track of time in activities and which reminds you that it is very precious.

You could make of this area a pleasant, inspiring place for work with your favorite accessories.

Exotics in Your Room

Three White Bookshelves #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via A Beautiful Mess

In this little nook, found in the corner of the room again, there are fresh flowers placed on the shelves as well as pots with cactus, several books, a drawing, and a motivational phrase.

Here your eyes could relax and watch life in several small pots with flowers.

The roses and cactuses – exotics brought to your room.

Corner Bookcase

Corner Bookcase #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via A Beautiful Mess

Wall shelves for books of various sizes.

And an abstract picture among them.

This bookcase occupies almost the whole corner of the room.

A nook where could you find yourself, evolve and improve, get more wisdom and inspiration.

In the Kid’s Room

A Corner for Children's Books #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via California Dolls

Free corner to your child’s bed could be turned into a corner for children’s books and stuffed toys.

You just need a few special shelves so that the books do not fall on the floor.

And a cushion with a mat on the floor where your child could play and look at the pictures.

To be Calm and Confident in Yourself

Comfortable Work Area #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Interior Designs Home

In this modern and comfortable work area in the corner of the room, without unnecessary belongings, with lots of free space, you could work safely with your laptop.

The comfortable chair, corner desk, shelves – everything is done so that to provide you peace of mind, confidence and efficiency.

A Nook for Two People

A Nook for Two People #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Demian Dashton Blog

This area is designed for two people who can work at the same time.

The shelves are in accordance with angled ceiling and they are large enough for your favorite items and flowers, as well as your drawings, books and notebooks to be placed on.

Here you could spend your time in enjoyable activities and have some fun.

The Original Solution for the Convex Angle on the Wall in the Room

Original Solution for the Convex Angle on the Wall in the Room #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Contemporist

It could be also arranged with shelves of books and pictures and creates the unique, original look of your room.

Made of brown wood, which is in contrast with wall shelves, it provides a feeling of home comfort and warmth.

The Lighting of the Work Area

Lighting of the Work Area #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Fernanda Marques

A number of built-in lights illuminate the place for creative activities.

The light is abundant, evenly distributed, fills the space with softness and warmth, so necessary to provide yourself a creative atmosphere.

The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Abduzeedo

This corner where the trunk of the tree is placed, with a few shelves where lots of books are arranged could be also called the tree of human knowledge.

And it has something to do with the biblical parable of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Because you can sit comfortably in the nearby leather armchair and obtain wisdom and knowledge from the books in the light of lampshade.

A Place to Work for Your Child

Place to Work for Your Child #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Teaching Literacy.tumblr

This desk with open cabinets in red and white offer shelves with books and accessories, and desk with drawers for the corner of your room.

Children’s drawings and stuffed animals suggest, perhaps, that this is the workplace for your student.

What could be a more pleasant place than you can wish for your child to feel happy and secure.

Do You Play Chess?

Checkerboard Like Shelves #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Don Pedro Brooklyn

You will like this arrangement!

Checkerboard like shelves are arranged on cross-walls of the corner.

This is a new design solution for your area, where you could place your books and photos and also put the phone, the stereo and different appliances.

A Favorite Place for Relaxation

Angled Opened Bookcase #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Mr Waller

Angled opened bookcase with lots of books and an armchair in front of it, with looking glasses and an opened book are a favorite place for lots of people.

Take a comfortable seat for live through incredible and fascinating moments in this pleasant area.

You will move in strange new worlds in your thoughts and emotions.

Shelves in White

Shelves in White #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via The Nordroom

The desktop for work, with shelves and cabinets could be also made from metal that is light and durable.

It is attached to the wall; it seems to hang in the air.

But this is on the first glance. Its shelves could stand more heavy things such as books and accessories.

It’s made in white, in harmony with the walls, small color spots bring life and mood for productive work.

Truncated Pyramid-Like

Truncated Pyramid-Like #corner wall shelves #bedroom #homedecorimage

via Julia Palosini

As the pyramids are treasuries of sacrament and wisdom, so this three wall pyramid has been turned into a corner of knowledge and meditation through the books on the shelves.

It is made of dark wood, from floor to ceiling, and occupies a whole corner space.

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