The Kid’s Room Interior – 12 Inspiring Ideas to Design

Give the kid some pleasure and happiness, the childhood is so fleeting but the pleasurable experience and memories last and give wings even in the hardest times.

The Kid's Room Interior–12 Inspiring Ideas to Design #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

Just Like in Fairy Tales

Kids Room Like a Fairy Tale #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Goods Home Design

Your child will feel like a fairy tale in this room.

There is a stylized roof over the bed and the game nook with numerous stars above it.

As though you find yourself in a fairy house with all favourite toys and illustrated books.

White is mottled with lots of color points.

Here your child could have fun, study and grow in its fairy world, look out of the window to the outside life that is just above the bed.

Two-level Beds

Two Level Beds for a Kids Room #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Kids Safety Network

One of the beds is placed under the other, and when it is pulled aside, you have two beds on two levels for both of your kids.

There is a spare place for games and entertainment.

There are two abstract shelves in currant tone for several books and a night light.

There is a table with a computer below the window.

The floor is covered with mild brown carpet.

All these things are gathered in a small space.

Predominating tones are the currant, white and yellow.

There is a slight touch of the contrasting black.

This room is suitable for your grown-up children.

With a Vision to the Antique and the Present

Yellow Blue and Red Mahogany Wood Kid's Room #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Decoratorist

A combination of yellow, blue and red mahogany wood.

The two storied bed and a spare one, that is pulled to a span from the floor and could be used in case of necessity.

The framed mirror is placed above the writing table and the dresser is made of the same wood.

There are paintings on the yellow walls.

And a blue carpet on the floor.

This is a room for bigger children that have their own independent life.

And probably they are more romantic with a vision to the antique and the present.

Design in White

Kid's Room Design in White #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Agivingtribute

The cabinets, two storied beds, the walls and the armchairs – all they are designed in white.

There are tiny color accents in covers and pillows, the carpet and the desk lamps, and yellow flowers.

Numerous multicolor butterflies are flitting on the wall as if they would fly any moment.

Everything provides the sense of space and light.

There is nothing else to do but humming any melody.

A Bedroom in Purple

Kid's Bedroom in Purple #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Goods Home Design

Probably you would prefer this kid’s room in purple for your child.

Purple is a predominating color not only for the kid’s bed but also for the carpet, walls, even some of the cabinets are purple too – a color that brings the atmosphere of reflection and maturation.

Because your child is growing and needs more than a place for relaxation and rest.

Kid’s Room in Blue and White

Kid's Room in Blue and White #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Goods Home Design

Two storied bed, a desk in the same colors, a blue chair and a round mat, this furniture solves all your problems.

Designers looked for relaxation and confidence that this room brings.

And the fairy world which your child lives in is brought to life in his imagination and in his thoughts.

Innovative Solution

Innovative Solution for Kid's Room Design #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Goods Home Design

There is a metal ladder above the cabinet and the desk, where your child studies.

An innovative solution for kid’s room design.

The walls are in dark green and create a light and pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and concentration.

A Room for Both of Your Kids

A Room for Two Kids #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Goods Home Design

Angular beds are in blue and pink.

The walls are in blue and pink just like the window curtains.

The room for both of your kids and pastel colors is lighted and predisposing.

There you’ll hear the joyful and merry voices of your children.

Here You Have Both of Everything.

Room for Twins #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Goods Home Design

Anna and Emily’s room

Two desks with shelves and two chairs, two angular beds above them that are approached by two ladders.

Walls in two colors – purple and blue and furniture in contrasting white.

Anna and Emily’s room, they’ll bring warmness and serene mood.

Design in White, Yellow and Blue

Kid's  Room in Yellow, White and Blue #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Travailler

The window and the ladder to the second floor bring the impression that you find yourself in a small house.

And in fact this is a two storied bed with white and yellow accents.

The contrast is underlined by the blue, with white triangles, a carpet and a wardrobe in black and white.

The color cushions and the toys provide a gentle complement to the interior.

In Pastel Tones

Kid's Room in Pastel Tones #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Betalt

A bed in pastel tones and a delicate transparent curtain – a place where your child shall have the best dreams, hugging stuffed toys and cushions.

There is a desk lamp and a vase with a flower, and a basket for the toys.

As if your child has gone out of his room and it would get back in a minute to go on with games.

In White and Red

Kid's Room in White and Red #kid's room #interior #homedecorimage

via Architecture and Design

Two storied bed in pink and shelves in red where you could put your toys in a row.

A red carpet on the floor.

Your child is filled with energy and the shoes in front of the bed are prepared so the child could rush into games promised by this room in white and red.

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