12 Delightful Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

If you are about to choose a new kitchen or you would like to renew the old one, designers offer new ideas that would help you to find the color solution that is just for you.

12 Delightful Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

A Kitchen in Sunny Yellow

Cabinets in the Warm Yellow Tones #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Hendricks Churchill

Like yellow for example, the color of joy and the optimism that reflects the space and last but not least –stimulates the appetite.

The cabinets in the warm yellow tones are in composition with the windows that are in yellow too, the white of the electric appliances with white and the dark color of the floors.

Warm yellow as the sunflowers in the vase bring the sense of spring, of rejuvenation and revitalization of everything around us.

This accent provides the kitchen with light which make of it a pleasant place for living.

A Combination Between Blue and Mignonette.

Green Kitchen Cabinets #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Home Bunch

The cabinets and the walls in mignonette and a ceiling and floor in blue.

The window frames, the chair and the countertops are also in light blue.

An unbelievable color combination that gives spring freshness to the kitchen and makes it welcoming.

The greenery comes in from the windows.

As if they call for opening them and deep in the sunny radiance of the entire kitchen.

The designers here embodied much finesse and flair for the impressing power of colors.

In Light Blue

Light Blue Cabinets #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Emily Henderson

Not only the cabinets and the shelves under the basin and above it are in light blue.

The wall and the tiles are in blue too.

The brown countertop is just an accent that provides contrast.

Preparing food in such a kitchen is a real pleasure. It brings cheerful mood and freshens in the air. It fills it with relaxation and confidence.

Modern and Contemporary

Dark Grey Cabinetry #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Adore Interiors

This kitchen in dark grey is modern and welcoming.

This notion is brought by hanging lambs and the balcony where the abundant light comes from.

Dark grey of the cabinetry is not depressing and does not whiffs bad thoughts.

The light color of the countertop, the flowers and the fruit are the color accent that brings contrast.

A Modernistic Design

Blue Color Kitchen Cabinets #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Folkhem

In this kitchen you could have a cup of coffee at an easy pace.

The blue color and its nuances radiate calmness.

Therefore it is preferable for the kitchen interior.

Exotic plants in pots on the table and the modernistic lampshade are successful complements.

You would feel like being absorbed by this fascinating atmosphere, wrapped by silence and calmness.

A Kitchen Radiating with Light

Stylish Kitchen in Yellow and Brown #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Better Homes & Gardens

A stylish kitchen in yellow and brown.

Enlightened shelves and cabinets emanate warmness.

Countertops are in dark and white marble.

The unique here is that the sink is placed under the window.

The whole kitchen is lightened and illuminated not only in spring and in summer.

The abundance of light comes and from the hanging lights and the window.

The flowers bring one more touch to this spring setting.

Classic Black and White

Classic Black and White #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Neptune

If you want your kitchen to be in the classic white and black, this design idea will help you to make your idea come true.

The classic style is always fashionable and predisposes to creative ideas and experiments.

Your stay in the kitchen will be productive and in substance.

A Kitchen in Mignonette

Kitchen in Mignonette #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via The Kitchn

This kitchen in mignonette is a dream for each housewife.

Not only the cabinets but the walls and the shelves are in mignonette.

In composition with the antique shelf in dark green and not tiled brick walls, this kitchen brings the notion of authenticity and comfort.

In Wenge Color

Kitchen in Wenge Color #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via McCarthy Kitchens

The dark colors of the cabinets are predominant.

The light flow comes from a small window and the pastel porcelain tiles.

The harmony and color composition in the kitchen make of it an inspiring place for work and new ideas.

The flower in front of the window probably is feeling great in this limit space.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue Cabinets #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Chris Patey

Let the sky blue to come into your kitchen.

Closed cabinets, the tiles above the basin and the wall- all is in this color, that is flies us somewhere in the air, flies us to the sky spaces.

Metal handles are like small accents of the cabinets in a composition with the spout and taps.

The blackboard where you could write down your ideas and draw provides the contrast to the interior.

In Pastel Blue

Modern Kitchen in Pastel Blue
Colors #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via House&Home

This modern kitchen urges dynamic and confidence with its colors.

The large number of cabinets, the ceiling, the walls – all this is in pastel blue, and the plots are in black.

An abstract mosaic on the floor, the flowers, and the lamps are the multicolour accent of the interior that radiates energy and mood.

The imagination creates a mystical word of colors and lighting here.

And food preparation is just like a ritual.

Intense Blue and White

Kitchen Intense Blue and White #kitchen #cabinet #interior #homedecorimage

via Domino

Cabinetry in blue perfectly suit to the white tiles and the wall cabinetry, the colorful math delivers more freshness to the design.

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