The Kitchen in a Small Dwelling – a Comfort and Cosiness

The kitchen – functionality and styleThe kitchen – functionality and style

Apart from being comfortable and functional, the kitchen in a small dwelling is a cosy place for preparation of different cooking recipes, where you could do experiments and improvisation and where your imagination takes its tall for preparing the most delicious and nourishing food for the family.

A small corner in a retro style where you create things that unite you and makes you complete.

Each inch is filled with space that has its meaning.

All conveniences come first – the stove and the absorber, sink, wall cabinets with showcases and the necessary utensils, refrigerator, then small chairs, small stools where you can sit down for a minute or for a close friend’s company.

There are ceiling -hanging lampshades, decorative lantern that glows with a slight light.

The contrast between white and black tones provides style and harmony of the whole atmosphere.

The interior creates your own kingdom where you show your creativity with imagination and a sense.

There is a place for the vase with spring flowers.

The kitchen is a place worth for your fantasy.

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