The Kitchen in a Small Dwelling – a Comfort and Cosiness

The kitchen – functionality and style

a small corner in a retro style

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Apart from being comfortable and functional, the kitchen in a small dwelling is a cosy place for preparation of different cooking recipes, where you could do experiments and improvisation and where your imagination takes its tall for preparing the most delicious and nourishing food for the family.

A small corner in a retro style where you create things that unite you and makes you complete.

Each inch is filled with space that has its meaning.

All conveniences come first – the stove and the absorber, sink, wall cabinets with showcases and the necessary utensils, refrigerator, then small chairs, small stools where you can sit down for a minute or for a close friend’s company.

There are ceiling -hanging lampshades, decorative lantern that glows with a slight light.

The contrast between white and black tones provides style and harmony of the whole atmosphere.

The interior creates your own kingdom where you show your creativity with imagination and a sense.

There is a place for the vase with spring flowers.

The kitchen is a place worth for your fantasy.

Style and comfort in white and creamy

modern and contemporary kitchen

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With minimum clean lines, modern and contemporary the kitchen assembles a dining area with space for food preparation on the marble countertops.

The table is arranged with glasses, napkins and candles for a romantic experience.

Furniture disposition opens the space. White and brown create the contrast that radiates a pleasant softness, both cosy and inviting to sharing.

On the floor-mat there is a mat with stylized figures.

Built-in spot lights on the ceiling, desktop lamp and the lampion create an even light flow in the kitchen.

Everything offers comfort and relaxation.

The Spirit of Scandinavia

scandinavian style kitchen

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No matter the limited space, the kitchenette in a Scandinavian style has all necessary for the household.

White is predominant and the sweet caramel finish of the polished countertop and the stools that bring a contrast nuance.

The white design of the cupboards is complemented by the tiles above the sink and the decorative mat.

The flowers bring freshness and add more colours.

Warm brown and coffee nuance

kitchen in warm brown and coffee nuance

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Formed in creamy and brown, the interior of the kitchen also radiates an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness, despite its strict lines.

Here you could prepare tested cooking recopies,  create new gourmet wonders as well as drink your morning coffee on the soft chairs and prepare your breakfast in the microwave oven.

White is well combined with brown and creamy in a mild and pleasant harmony.

Lots of spot lamps give a final touch to the space.

With a window to the garden

kitchen in white decorated with wooden elements

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Despite the globe lights in the small kitchen, window to the garden lets the nature in the room.

Its crisp spring growth is felt and in the small vase with greenery.

The kitchen is predominantly in white decorated with wooden elements, the kitchen radiates bright, spring and optimistic mood.

A wall with spring flowers and plants

a wall with spring flowers and plants in the kitchen

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This wall brings life to the little kitchen, the interior of the room is turned into a living landscape.

Along with the floor finish of decorative tiles, in otherwise simple setting, colours and ornaments of the spring just flow and create fresh and colourful mood.

As you find yourself in a fairy garden with most different flowers.

It just fits well in otherwise small kitchenette.

Extraordinary solution

an original kitchen design

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An original kitchen design in wenge and light beige.
Heavy tones are balanced by the inbuilt spots and the daylight from the window makes the space bright and light enough, providing the atmosphere of harmony and calmness.

The kitchen and dining room with glass table are combined into one premise.

The tiles with different nuances make a mosaic ornament.

Apart from preparing your cuisine temptations, you can have a rest with a glass of red aromatic wine.

Kitchen and dining room in one

kitchen and dining room in one

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Limited space is a frequent reason the kitchenette to be integrated with the dining room.

A solution that provides multifunction and cosiness at the same time.

The lightening of the premises is ensured by a beautiful multicup chandelier.

Classic black of the countertops and table alternate with cabinets in white as on the chessboard.

Only floor finishing bring additional colour in this classic and stylish setting.

Modern and comfortable

small kitchen ideas

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Must have kitchen household appliances are available in this small house.

Marble countertop with a sink and inbuilt cabinets under it and in the walls are the optimal solution for a limited space.

The white and grey, window and built-in lighting provide a feeling of space and ease.

The elegant couch and wood floor finishing contribute to the pleasant atmosphere.

The picture on the wall brings vitality in the interior and imposes a new idea for the kitchen as a place not for short-term residence but as a dwelling place.

Modern and functional

modern and functional

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This is the kitchen of your dreams-with cabinets that fit all the necessary kitchenware, with discreet presence of greenery and flowers, with a picture, which brings freshness and peace to the setting.

There is inbuilt spot light in the plafond on the ceiling.

Here in this area, food preparation is easy and a pleasurable.

Bar countertop and the stools invite to communion and sharing.

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