11 Non-Traditional Baths for Geeks

11 Non Traditional Baths for Geeks #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

The Non-Traditional Bathroom

Modern Okanagan Log Bathroom #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

via: One Kindesign

The bathroom is a traditional place for relaxation and refreshment, a place to relax from the daily stress and relaxation.

But whether this unusual bathroom can fulfill this purpose.

It can be called a bathroom for geeks on the subject of originality and unusualness.

The stone tiles on the walls contributes to this, reminding us of the Roman baths, the eaten wooden countertop beneath the sink, which looks more like corroded wood, and the unusual sink itself.

We involuntarily ask ourselves what philosophy and emotionality created this bathroom design, what mood and reflection about life and the surrounding world it implies.

Perhaps the meaning lies in man’s revolt against traditional and standard and their non-acceptance.

Or maybe it is an expression of manically that borders on imagination and fantasy that go beyond the bounds of reality. In any case, this bathroom is a provocation for your sensitivity.

A Look in Time

Antique with Modern Furnishings #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

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If you imagine the medieval bathroom of the rich people this way – with the rough walls, the mirror and the improvised sink, which are combined with modern wall lamps, a metal crane for running water and an antique cabinet with a marble top, this is a bathroom that combines the antique with modern furnishings.

A look back in time that does not give up the benefits of the present.

Simplicity and Convenience

Glass Wood and Metal in the Bathroom #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

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Glass, wood and metal – these are the materials that create this bathroom. Along with the primitive wooden countertop for the sinks, the modern nowadays glass doors and partitions, laminated parquet and faience tiles.

This spacious bathroom will create a sense of simplicity and convenience.

The Bathroom – a Way of Communication

Contemporary and MModern Bathroom #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

via: Redo Home and Design

This bathroom is contemporary and modern – with glass shower cabin, porcelain bath, dark terracotta shaped as honeycombs, tiled walls and a large comfortable sink.

Everything in reflects taste and proficiency.

Big enough, it invites to immerse in its atmosphere, to remain alone with us as if we were priests.

Before Proceeding on

Numerous Framed Pictures of Magazines Around the Sink #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

via: Pinterest

The hectic daily life reminds of itself through the numerous framed pictures of magazines around the sink, the walls in white and red, the bright light of the luminescent lamp.

It invites you to sit back for a moment, look around before you go on and take a breath for the new challenges with which your daily routine is fulfilled.

To Save Time

Mirror and a Wooden Cabinet #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

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The mirror occupies almost the entire wall above the two sinks for partners who can simultaneously prepare their toilet without interfering, and a wooden cabinet of untreated wood beneath them.

This is a spacious bathroom that offers convenience and time saving so necessary in your business day.

To Feel Confident and Calm About the Upcoming Day

Decorative Ceiling and Terracotta Tiles #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

via: Novoceram

The multiple pipes of the bathroom are outside the walls, covered with faience tiles. In a small space, the sink, the toilet and the cabin shower are gathered.

The decorative ceiling and the terracotta tiles on the floor varies the interior to create a sense of coziness and tranquility.

Here you feel confident and full of energy for the upcoming day.

The bathroom will prepare you for any challenge.

The Decorative Wall

Decorative Wall Surrounded by a Darkened Bathroom Block #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

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A decorative wall, surrounded by a darkened bathroom block, can bring a lot of mood and reflection.

The bathroom is not just an interior but an experience of moments that help you to break away from reality and to immerse yourself in a world that is modern and at the same time filled with memories of the past.

In the Heart of the Forest

Mosaic on the Floor and the Wall Behind the Sink #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

via: Etk Fashion

To bring nature close to yourself, untreated logs for lining the walls are used here.

The mosaic on the floor and the wall behind the sink will fill you with memories of past times as if you are in a small cottage right in the heart of the forest.

Nature lovers will find here the needed privacy and touch with its freedom and greatness.

If You Prefer Wood for the Bathroom

Warm and Softwood in the Bathroom #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

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For those who prefer the warm and soft wood in front of the faience and terracotta tiles this bathroom is right for them.

Not only are the walls lined with wood, but the small bathtub with a lid and the floor are also made of wood.

You will be transferred to a fairytale world of forest fairies and dwarves.

A Bathroom Inspired by Cars

A Bathroom Inspired by Cars #bathroom #decor #homedecorimage

via: Tialoto

If you have the spirit of a car racer and are inspired by cars, this original bathroom will meet your expectations and ideas.

The sinks are placed in car tires, the water is poured by automatic pistols, which are used to fill fuel in the vehicle at the gas station.

An unusual geek idea or a solution that will overtake you.

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