12 Inspiring Ideas to Design a Small Bedroom

The small bedroom requires special equipment.

It should hold the necessary furniture and provide living space for its inhabitants.

12 Inspiring Ideas to Design a Small Bedroom #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

The Interior of the Small Bedroom

Double Bed with Lots of Cushions #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Apartment Therapy

Apart from the double bed with lots of cushions, placed in one of the corners of the room to save space, its interior includes white shelves for books and accessories, soft furniture, pictures over the bed, the night lamp on the wall, and a soft mat in front of the bed.

Predominating white color creates the impression of space and tranquillity.

This design will charge you with energy and stimulate your imagination for other similar solutions.

It will show you that small narrow spaces could be comfortable and cozy.

There you would feel not only away from the flurry of the day but it would provide a nice atmosphere surrounded by your favorite belongings.

In Khaki

Bed in Khaki #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via A Mom Having Fun

Another wide and comfortable bed in khaki with a multitude of small and large cushions and corner shelves with books and vases.

Small cushions are as color accents and the colored covers of the books revive the interior.

They bring a fresh mood and emotion in the design.

A Small Idea for a Small Room

Bench Like Seats in White #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Good Housekeeping

When the furniture divide the kitchenette and living room, as if free the space increases.

Instead of the sofa – bench-like seats in white make a small sitting area for relaxing, a wicker basket is used instead of a table, where a bottle with three white roses is placed.

Wall cabinets for dishes, baskets, lots of flowers and a small window opened onto the garden create the interior of the room.

Somewhere in the Air

The Bed is Placed Above the Door #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Frenchyfancy

When the ceiling is high, and the bed is placed above the door, and a small staircase leads to it, a lot of space is saved.

It’s supported by two side cabinets in the narrow room, it frees up space for the soft furniture and the table and, maybe, you will feel like being in the air, above the ground.

In Your World

Open Cabinets with Floor to Ceiling Shelves #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Decoholic

Open cabinets with floor-to-ceiling shelves, below the window for books and accessories.

The corner space is rationally used.

Artistic designers have provided a very serene and predisposing to creativity and inspiration atmosphere.

A small area where you could feel in your own world.

The Idea for the Room Corner

A Corner Desk Cabinet #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Shanty 2 Chic

A corner desk – cabinet with a plastic chair and a desk lamp.

There are two shelves of brown tree placed above it for accessories and vases with flowers.

Simple and convenient use of the corner space.

How often the room corners remain unused due to a lack of suitable furniture!

This design idea will save you all the worries.

Antique and Modern

Heavy Antique Chandelier over the Bed #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Apartment Therapy

We are used to associate the splendid heavy antique chandelier with large halls.

Is it possible to be placed in a small room that is modernly furnished?

The bold decision of the designers is not only effective but also original and it goes well with the soft bed and shelves with pictures and books that compiled wisdom and knowledge of mankind.

Innovative Bed

Innovative Bed #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Contemporist

This high bed, placed on low clothes cabinets can be raised.

Creativity and imagination meet to provide this innovative solution that saves a lot of space.

The bed linen, shirts and blouses, sweaters and jackets are placed in the open shelves under the bed.

Apart from hats and accessories, there is space for shoes and bags on the lower shelf.

A small wardrobe, in a combination with the convenient wide bed.

A Modern Bedroom

Lots of Cabinetry under the Bed #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

There are three steps to this double bed placed in the corner of the room.

There are lots of cabinetry under it, each one with a different picture.

The dark wall is an innovative design solution, which aims at softening the light and ensuring relaxation.

The designers have thought not only for the convenience and comfort but also for your rational and emotional state.

For Being Healthy and Rested

A Bookshelf that Provides Room to the Person #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Livabl

In the foreground, there is a bookshelf that provides room to the person and behind it is the bed with yellow curtains.

A small place of yours that will fill you with peace of mind and confidence, and predispose to have some time by yourself with a favorite book. In this corner of the room are placed the most necessary furniture for your physical and emotional health.

What else do you need for being healthy and rested?

With the Bed under the Window

An Idea for Contrasting Tones Bed in a Small Room #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Decoholic

Another design idea for a contrasting tones bed in a small room.

Exuberant light here comes from the window that is placed under the bed to fill you with optimism and confidence.

Desktop lamp, the pictures and the mirror brings life and presence in the small room.

In One Place

Many Pieces of Furniture There are in a Small Room #small bedroom #bedroom #interior #homedecorimage

via Pinterest

How many pieces of furniture there are in a small room!

Starting from the stove, where you prepare your coffee, fridge and wall cabinets above them, the working shelves – a table, couch, small glass table in front of it and the bed, the painting, the bookshelf, wall reading lamp.

Everything is put in one place.

Modern, comfortable and practical at the same time.

The small room could be rational and convenient.

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