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How to Add DIY Wood Decor in the Bathroom

The bathroom – your special place Among the abundance of bathroom projects, designers offer a number of ideas to make improvements for your convenience that you can make yourself. The bathroom is a special place where we stay alone with ourselves and in order to make it a pleasant and comfortable place to stay, you […]

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Easter Eggs

13 Ways to Make Your Easter Eggs Stand Out From Others

Totally Enchanting! There’s no perfect word to describe the beauty presented by this choice of home decoration. The variety in color presented by the Handmade Easter Egg is as enchanting as the word. The peculiar aspect of the arrangement is the variety of colors. Starting from top left, we see well colored basket housing well […]

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15 Enchanting Nooks, Perfect for Your Flower Garden, Made of Pallets

A garden on the wall If you have and love small flowerpots but don’t have where to store them, here is a cheap, good-looking and easy-to-make idea: dust off an old pallet, paint it whatever color you love this season and arrange your flower pots on it. And why stop at pots? You can arrange […]

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14 Ways to Bring Your Old Crates to Life-3

14 Ways to Bring Your Old Crates to Life

Spice up you bathroom If you need to make some space in your bathroom, then you may use this idea. Even better if it is dark and needs an optimistic touch. This is a fine way to store your towels in the bathroom – paint the crates in your favorite colors to make them even […]

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16 Brilliant Low Cost Ideas to Store Shoes

Put your shoes in the air Your flats will feel comfortable in this space-saving rack, embedded in the wall. Paint it the colors you love, mount it wherever you need it – it may even fit in the wardrobe! The length of this rack may vary and so can the numbers – just fit the […]

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