15 Fantastic Ways For Thanksgiving Day Home Décor, Exhilaration and Dreams

The day when everybody give thanks to each other Thanksgiving Day is one of the most loved and revered holidays in the USA and Canada.

These fantastic decorations are the symbol of exquisite taste and wonderful dreams. Have a look at the decors that would give a touch of grace to your home. #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

This holiday has become more secular than religious in time. It originates from the time of the English settlers and expresses people’s gratitude to God for the fruitfulness and the things obtained due to His generosity.

The Day When Everybody Give Thanks to Each Other

Autumn Mix Twig Stack Floral Arrangements #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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It originates from the time of the English settlers and expresses people’s gratitude to God for the fruitfulness and the things obtained due to His generosity.

The English settlers learned from the Indians how to grow corn, pumpkin and other cultural plants, how to hunt and make their living throughout the year.

So they decided to organise for them a special holiday for thanksgiving to the Indian tribe Iroquois.

The table was piled with food.

This day was facetiously called Turkey day, because of this traditionally served dish.

And even now, the contemporary citizens of the USA and Canada put next to their master’s rocking chair pumpkins, maple leaves, gifts from the Earth and the nature.

The Horn of Plenty

The Horn of Plenty #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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Love, kindness, patience, peace, gentleness, joy, fidelity – the eternal virtues of people are written on the symbolic images of the Earth’s gifts, which pour out of the horn of plenty. In this manner, the Americans and Canadians decorate their homes for one of their favourite holidays when everybody gives thanks.

The Messages of the Plants and Fruits

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Home decoration always consists of pumpkins, birch stems – a symbol of the fruitfulness and the eternal reviving of nature and life, signs of stability and sustainability to hardships.

On the pumpkin peel you could notice a sign that reads: “Count your blessings, give your thanks, happy autumn!”.

Massages That Elevate Us

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Messages such as: “Give your thanks “, could be placed anywhere at home.

They express the spirit of the house and its inhabitants. Inscribed in large letters on a coloured background, with great freedom and elevation, without being imperative, require or impose, they are visible everywhere and by everyone.

In the Fairy Tales World

In the Fairy Tales World Thanksgiving Decor #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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With lots of mastery and playfulness these pumpkins turn into houses on wheels, in a train, in a barrel, at home with various animal figurines.

Imagination and art meet in more and more wonderful shapes to express their joy and light that is brought by this holiday.

These decorations grasp us in the fairy tales world, where good always wins.

Maple Leaves Decoration

 Maple leaves Thanksgiving decoration #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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Canada national symbol – maple leaf is frequently used in thanksgiving home decor. As a winding twig, it covers the tree stem that is a symbol of human development towards future and progress.

The lamps in the base of the leaves and their red colour creates a fairy atmosphere and mood.

A Special Mat for the Holiday

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The playful mat in front of the sofa on the floor would meet you with his inscription: “Happy Thanksgiving” and the drawn picture of three turkeys that are a traditional dish for the holiday when prepared with blueberry sauce.

It would comfort you with the mood of this day and would fill you with joyful elevation.

Arch-like Shaped Maple Leaves

Arch Like Shaped Maple Leaves #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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Lighting maple leaves make ark-like shape over the door.

They are put in enormous vases on both sides, as if they levitate and light the whole room, create a holiday mood of plenty and fruitfulness.

Having rustically red colour, they bring the atmosphere of the rich autumn harvesting that is the symbol of the Thanksgiving Day.

The Thanksgiving Day Yard Decor

Thanksgiving Day Yard Decor #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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And the yard is lightened by holiday lanterns on this day.

Painted with different plant twigs, those glow in blue and orange and give light to the neighbouring flowers and bushes, create a feast picture that breathes and live with the mood of this day.

Abundance Symbol

Abundance Symbol #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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Lots of pumpkins, maple leaves, conifer cones among two candlesticks, placed on lace-like carved elements that present fireplace decor.

Symbols of abundance and fruitfulness, along with the picture over them, create a feast mood of home and its owners.

Sophisticated arranging is only a part this day spirit where the central place is taken by people’s relationship.

With Holiday Spirit

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Even the bedroom cushions bring the holiday spirit.

Decorated with a painting of a truck that is full of nature gifts, and the pumpkin with flowers around it, bring the sense of a holiday elevation in the atmosphere.

Not only one place, the whole house is influenced by holiday euphoria.

The Garland Message

The Garland Message #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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This garland reads “Give thanks” and it is only a small part of home decoration.

Its message is addressed to small and big ones, to all home dwellers for the sake of having generation succession that would continue the eternal tradition of our ancestors in times.

Maple Leaves Garland

Maple Leaves Garland #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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A beautiful garland from yellow and reddish maple leaves winds up along the stairs that we climb up daily in our striving for well-being and prosperity.

Because the nature generously gifts us with nobility and willingness for success, gives us wings in the hardship, leads us to new and brighter days.

Nature Wreath

Nature Wreath #Thanksgiving Day #decoration #homedecorimage

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The wreath made of lots of conifer cones, maple leaves, and fruit is a traditional symbol of the fruitfulness and abundance and takes a central place in your home decoration.

A symbol of hard working people and their never-ending struggle with nature and gratitude to God for His generosity.

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For the Turkey Day

Decoration For the Turkey day

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“Welcome” is the sign that meets the guests that arrived home for Thanksgiving Day.

There is a turkey decoration pattern – traditionally prepared food for this holiday, facetiously called “Turkey Day” too.

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