12 Graceful Ways for Thanksgiving Day Table Decor

Celebrate the Thanksgiving Day by creating a fairy decoration on the table that would elicit applauses. En route to exquisite and graceful ideas! #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

The Table as a Symbol of the Rich Autumn Harvesting

Rich Autumn Harvesting #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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Thanksgiving Day table decoration is a main moment of holiday preparation that won’t do without traditional turkey.

This custom was set up by Benjamin Franklin, who wanted to make the bird symbol of America – because it runs fast, it’s clever, has a sharp sight and glorious strut.

Step by step, it also turned into a must have food for the holiday that is celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

The turkey is prepared with yams and blueberries, the turkey is on each table. Apart from beautiful porcelain dishes and the cutlery, the table is decorated with nature gifts – pumpkins, blueberries, maple leaves, and pine cones.

Wheat is placed in a special glass, the candle sticks bring holiday mood, and small pumpkin – shaped bows serve the meal, with more decoration of artificial maple leaves.

The table is piled with food and symbolises the rich autumn harvest that has been generously given by God.

Nature Gifts

Thanksgiving Table Decor With White Pumpkins #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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The pumpkins, that have been grown by the first settles in America, who learnt to do that from the Indian tribes Iroquois, have beautiful bows.

They are placed in special baskets or just on the table and symbolise the fruitfulness and abundance of the Earth.

Next to them is the holiday torch with a candle that lights the table and the people with gratitude toward God for obtained harvest.

Exquisite and Beautiful

Exquisite and Beautiful #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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For the holiday is being selected the finest porcelain and the most beautiful glasses and cutlery that you have in your home.

Exquisite and beautiful, on the dark table cloth, with straw around the pumpkins, pine cones and candles, they create a holiday atmosphere and they show people’s attitude on this day.

Let the Thanksgiving Day be Rich and Happy

Black and White Thanksgiving Décor Idea #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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This holiday has become more secular and official than religious in time.

The meals are served on the table in most fine dishes; it is decorated with the abundance given to people by the earth.

The sense of these days makes human relationship nobler.

It is filled with joy and light because all people are thanking each other.

Glass Decor

Thanksgiving Décor Idea With Green Candle #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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This table is covered with white rectangular small tablecloths where the beautiful glass items are placed – a bottle with aroma sticks being decorated with painted pumpkin, twigs and blossoms, lighted candle in the green glass, engraved with fruits and flowers of nature and between two more lighted candles that are decorated with tree leaves.

The glass is presented with the notion of fragility; transparency and master art working that accompany human relationship.

To Touch the Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving Décor Idea with a Holiday Spirit #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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Beautiful and rich, this table is prepared to meet the guest on the Thanksgiving Day.

Exquisite porcelain with coloured decoration, crystal glasses, a basket of fruit on the ground, placed in the middle of the table, everything is done to present the holiday spirit, fill us with nobility and light, elevate us to the great nature of Thanksgiving to God and people.

Holiday Expectation

Thanksgiving Table Decor with Napkins for 8 #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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The embroidered rectangular table cloth is placed in the middle of the table; its floral elements are symbols of fertility and abundance on Earth.

There are beautifully carved chairs on both sides of the table.

The napkins where the dishes and the cutlery are placed, expect their guests.

Everything is filled with anticipation for occurring of something mysterious and awesome.

More of Table Decor

Individual Thanksgiving Table Decor #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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These small decorative pumpkins with a special carving where name tags to be put are designed to indicate guests’ places at the table.

They are specially prepared for Thanksgiving Day as part of table decoration.

Just one Small Gesture

Eat Drink and Be Thankful Cutlery Holders #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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“Eat, drink and be thankful” – this is written on the envelope where the cutleries for the guests are placed. Small gestures in a mood of celebration, that will make you feel welcome to share its atmosphere.

And how much warmness and cordiality are embodied in it.

The Table as a Continuer of the Eternal Traditions

Fashion Thanksgiving Table Runner #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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The big table in the large living room takes the central place.

It is designated to gather lots of people that would share the holyday and that would invite you to mutuality and honesty.

Elegant and modern, it would continue the eternal traditions that bring people together, dignifies them in holiday lights and prepares them to continue in their creative present and future.

The Holiday Kitchen Table

The Holiday Kitchen Table #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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Holiday table could be placed in the kitchen, and decorated with wheat and small pumpkins represents holiday atmosphere, and its most important element the people and their relationship and experiences.

People who would give thanks for obtained and gained within the year.

In the Garden

Thanksgiving Table Decor in the Garden #Thanksgiving Day #table #decor #homedecorimage

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The holiday table could be placed in the yard among the natural environment of woods and greenery.

It successfully fits in the surrounding nature picture and expresses human proximity to nature and earth. Its compulsory attributes are here too –it is decorated with the torches with lighted candles, pumpkins, maple leaves twigs, apples, and wine that symbolise human harmony with earth and God on the Thanksgiving Day.

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