12 Graceful Ways for Thanksgiving Day Table Decor

The table as a symbol of the rich autumn harvestingThe table as a symbol of the rich autumn harvesting

Thanksgiving Day table decoration is a main moment of holiday preparation that won’t do without traditional turkey.

This custom was set up by Benjamin Franklin, who wanted to make the bird symbol of America – because it runs fast, it’s clever, has a sharp sight and glorious strut.

Step by step, it also turned into a must have food for the holiday that is celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

The turkey is prepared with yams and blueberries, the turkey is on each table. Apart from beautiful porcelain dishes and the cutlery, the table is decorated with nature gifts – pumpkins, blueberries, maple leaves, and pine cones.

Wheat is placed in a special glass, the candle sticks bring holiday mood, and small pumpkin – shaped bows serve the meal, with more decoration of artificial maple leaves.

The table is piled with food and symbolises the rich autumn harvest that has been generously given by God.

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